Afordable dentures on tustin avenue , in Orange california ripped me off... their website makes it sound like they have a staff of professionals...but there is no dentist on duty..the "dental lab" has one elderly lady with horrible looking teeth working in it..

they charged me over $1800.00 and made me some horrible teeth that did not fit..which i could not wear... when i went back to see if they could fix them to look better and fit properly they called me crazy and would not refund my money..they are not affordable...

because they can not provide a usable product!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Glendale, California

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yes I'm saying DON'T go there ... the teeth wont fit...or even look like teeth....once they get your money....they don't care what you look or feel like...

you wont even be able to chew food ... and you'll be out around $2000 dollars.... they will make sure and have you sign a waiver...that states you will have no legal recourse if you arent happy with the teeth....always ask what dental lab will be making your teeth... they are the worst, since they have their own lab.

with a tech that speaks no English...and by the wayu her teeth look horrible!! Another lab to avoid is Glidewell... their teeth just don't look real! No transclusensy!

And Posca Brothers lab... just makes bad looking teeth, that will make you look very old, no matter what your age is....the teeth to ask for are vita physiodens , or sr phonaires, or duratone 4 layer denture teeth....these three kinds of teeth really look like real teeth...the dentish should letyou choose your teeth and the shade and shape....take a picture of yourself or a celebrity you want your teth to look like... a good dental lab will be able to make your teeth just the way you want them , and set them correctly so thaT you will have no trouble eating, speaking clearly and most of all, smiling...affordable dentures charge too much... you can actually get a better set of dentures at dentures r us for about $400.

they take forever though... and you'll have to sit there with the lab tech , when the teeth come in , in wax ...and tell him where you want each tooth to go... make sure you take someone with you when you try the teeth in in wax... so they can give you their oppinion of how the teeth look..and help you to speak up to the tech....

It's pretty intimidating sitting there , feeling pressured to deside how you want your teeth to look...but take your time and realize once you give the tech the go ahead... that's how the teeth will be set permanently... Affordable dentures.... will not work with you on how you want your teeth set...since the lab tech does not speak English...she will not understand that the teeth don't fit...I was actually crying...it was so frustrating...they wouldn't listen to me when i said the teeth don't fit!!

Anyway... Just go to another dentist...

make sure they use a decent laB.. WITH vita physiodens teeth or sr phonaires and you should be fine..


So if I'm reading you your advising me not to use the dental office on rusting ave in the target center .... Ad they don't extract teeth and do a really messed up job on dentures ...

So what they advertise having everything done in one vist is a lie... Hmmmm ,I was kinda getting that feeling when the woman I was talking to made me doubt what they promote ...


they say they are affordable.... but they actually charge more than a regular dentist would.... go to another dentist!!


Sarah is ABSOLUTELY correct.Now, that is a fact... .


make sure you look at the dentists teeth and the teeth of the tech that is making your teeth...if their teeth look bad...It's more than likely that your teeth will look bad too ...


make an appointment with another dentist... make sure you know what kind of teeth they are going to use and what dental lab they are using...don't use Poska bros.

lab or glidewellboth will give you teweth you will bne ashamed of... there is an excellent dentist in yorba linda named dr. gallagos...

his number is 714-777-8884....he has a world -class award winning dental tech..who will make your teeth look like real natural teeth... you will be proud to smile and live life with confidence..for about the same price as affordable dentures...maybe a little more but well worth it for the expertice!!


I have and app. In a few weeks to see this dentist I'm having some doubts now ...

I need my teeth extracted and feel by the conversation with the the woman on the phone she couldn't answer my questions what to do ... It's something I really need done help...


yeah!! the teeth were definitly NOPT usable by any streatch of the imagination...they don't know how to make them fit correctly...AND they were not affordable!! a total rip off!!


Great company, easy to work with


This Company only cares about the bottom line making money. No customer care No refunds No patient satisfaction!!!


Probably the damm dentist that posted the previous comment trying to cover his ***

As all the Affordable dentist WANT TO BE are now people are bringing the company to light for what it truly is, a big scam

AND A RIPE OFF OPERATION that the dental board covers up. $$$$$$ I think


Oh yes... that's the adress 2143 Tustin Ave...

in Orange, CA... I meant what I said about their shoddy work....If you want affordable dentures... go to a real dentist ...they don't charge as much as the folks at "affordable dentures" they made ma a partial out of VALPLAST!!!

It was bendy and the teeth moved from side to side , very painfully, I might add...They wouldn't even stay secure with denture glue...wearing an ill fitting denture or partial does to dammage to your exhisting bone.. too much pressure on the jaw bone will cause it to break down and thin out..your jaw could fracture from biting into something...also ill fitting dentures don't allow you to chew and digest your food properly....stay away from Fredrick Linden , if you value your health!!!


Sarah ....beg to differ with you - Frederick Linden, DDS, has an office at 2143 N. Tustin, Suite 5 in the city of Orange.

His telephone is 714-516-1612 and he's had that office location for a couple of years. Prior to the new location (in the Target center and across the street from Ross Dress For Less) he had a location for a number of years on, I believe, North Grand Avenue in Santa Ana. He created a beautiful set of dentures (full plate upper and a bridge lower) for me about ten years ago. He advertises in the Orange County Register on an almost daily basis as "Affordable Dentures".

As a matter of fact, I just saw him a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, he does no restorative work (by choice) and only does dentures. I met his new technician (did not notice her teeth!) and he has the same receptionist, Jessica, he had when first I saw him. You should get YOUR facts straight!

Or get a new map. Sheez!!!


Sounds like your a friend of his. Way too many complaints against this guy to ever believe you.

These everyday ads in the paper should be a tip-off. And, his prices are still way too high.


There is NO such Affordable Dentures office located on Tustin Ave in the city of Orange.

Get your facts straight!!!!


HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You get your facts right

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