Las Vegas, Nevada
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They made a set of dentures, but when the material they used made my gums sore, I was told that new customers have priority, I assume because they can't rip me off for more money. They either use inferior materials or don't know how to apply them properly.

Guess I'll have to sue, because they clearly don't care about their patients once they have gotten their money. I would stear clear of this place.

They might be affordable, but if you can't use their dentures, they are actually the most expensive. I recommend you go somewhere else.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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"It is not unusual for a new denture to create sore spots on your gums. Simply call the practice that provided the services, and they will let you know what time of day to return to have your denture adjusted.

Adjustments help eliminate sore spots, and there is typically no charge during the first 60 days. Following 60 days, a small fee is charged for adjustments."


If you don't mind me asking what all did you have done ...

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