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I went to Affordable Dentures in Sun City, AZ. At first, everything was grand.

Everyone was very nice and wanted to make me feel very at ease. When I talked to them about the process I was not told all the facts about their office. The time that you could come in to have adjustments to the denture. The middle of the day does not work well for a working person.

They did work with me on that, but it was a fight every time. That was just with my temporary dentures. It is a good thing I can use a few tools so I could get rid of the spots that were hurting. The final straw, was when they were so loose that no amount of glue would even keep them in my mouth.

I called for some help and one of the ladies told me I just needed to "build up" the Fixodent so they would stay in my mouth. One can only put so much of that stuff in to keep them in. After that I refused to talk to the person and saw in my file that I was not happy and wanted Dr. Brannon to call me back.

He never did. When I went in he did see me and give me a "free" reline until I had me final denture made. Now to my final denture, they look like monkey teeth and fit just as *** My mouth hurts most of the time and I still have to glue the darn things in. I have not went back for any adjustment, because I found with temporary ones it is just easier to do it myself.

The problem I had with the temporary denture would have sent me to another place to buy my final denture but I had be locked into this because I paid up front and it was not a little amount. I feel I was not given the whole picture of the process and overall *** dentures. I still cannot eat a raw carrot, lettuce, apples or anything hard. I was assured that with my final one I would be able to do this.

In a nutshell, I would go to Mexico before I would choose this place for my dentures. Vicki Allen

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Store Location: Sun City, Arizona

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I took my wife in for an estimate. They told me that my insurnace would only pay for the top of the line stuff and that my out-of-pockrt would be $1400.00.

So we got started that day. They took and retook several molds and chareged me $399.00 for that day. The next day we were called and told that my wife had to come back and have all of the molds redone. Ok, more time off of work but she did it.

Today was the big day. She took the meds to get her redy to have her teeth pulled and we arrived at our appointment only to learn that they were only off of the pout-of-pocket estimate by $2300.00!

WOW THEY ARE A REAL PEICE OF WORK! Their quality and honesty are lacking!

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