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I just want my money back !!! I have tried for 2 years to get dentures that fit from Affordable Dentures in Florence, AL.

I went yesterday and asked for my dental records, they said, "We can not give them to you, the Dr. is no longer here, and would have to release them." I thought the law was that they had to give them to you regardless. She said, "On my final denture that it was marked patient approved." I said, "WHAT? I went out of here crying, I told the woman they were too Big, they didn't fit, and too high on one side, and didn't feel like they even touched on the other side.

Slipping and sliding around too Big. I had gone for a whole year borrowing money to get there. I sent a letter to the complaints board that week saying I wanted my money back while the Dr. was still there, within 100 days of getting my final denture.

The policy said that if you were not satisfied they would give your money back within 100 days of getting them. The lady who works there said, "The smallest tray we have to make them is too big for her mouth, and her bite is off, and nothing we do is going to work. I don't understand why I haven't been reimbursed yet? There is no need for me to go back there, they could trim on the final denture till Jesus returns and it would not fit.

It sends shooting pain up through my head when I bite down on it and slips and slides, and I been in a cup since the day I got them, still wearing a temporary denture for about a year.

Just money thrown away with no final denture that I can even wear. I will have to go somewhere else, and they told me so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $1885.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Wearing temporary denture a year too big and no final denture.

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This place is a Bussiness that need turned in theBBB.After emails, phone conversations & so much pain & embarrassing moments ...I had gotten a call that the clinics are independently owned. I’m constantly having to stay home & war soft foods & use tubes andri Ralf Oracle to wase the sores that have developed inside my mouth. This company is crooks & lie to you.


I went and spent a lot of time working on trying to get the dentures to fit. I went at least 20 times and waited half a day to be seen, then got in and every denture they made was Too Big, the tray they used to make them was too big to start with, then too loose and sliding around no matter what they did with the teeth.

They had to bend them in to try to get them to fit the too big gumline of the denture.

The lady who made them agreed it would not Ever work. I would be wasting my time to come back and try again.


You found out too late: fabricating dentures that fit and look good is in actuality a very hard thing to do. It takes many appointments to do right.

A lot of time spent in fabrication means a lot of money.

Dentists around here in Texas charge an average of $1700 EACH for good dentures.You went to a El Cheapo denture place hoping to save money and lost a wad of cash for a denture you can't wear. Next time go to a reputable independent dentist and forget the swindlers that advertise on TV.

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