211 Rock Barn Rd NE, Conover, NC 28613, USA
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on 8/1/2017 I went in to have my dentures repaired that had broken due to a defect . I had just received the dentures approximately a week prior.

I spoke to the person who crafts the dentures and he said he understood what he needed to do to repair them correctly. When I returned to the office in the afternoon for fitting he had not done anything to the dentures. Dr. Lail said he didn't see the problem since they fit when I close my teeth together.

Dr. Lail missed the point, it is cosmetic, the teeth are too long on one side and in the middle and the other side the teeth are smaller and slanted to the inside. I will not accept these dentures nor people insulting me by offering me the dentures without properly repairing them. The dental assistant heard the conversation with the person responsible for repairing the dentures.

I want my money refunded for the dentures and will not accept any other offers. When my teeth were initially extracted the dentist Dr. Williams was horrible. The experience was very painful and I still have gum issues.

When I looked him up at the NC Dental examiners site I found out he had a complaint and his license were revoked for a period of time. Also, he had an office in Asheville which he left and did not inform any of his patients and tore the office where his practice was located.

This you can see if you go on WLOS TV and put in his name. It is a shame this dental office would take advantage of people and offer such a horrible service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You go to a corporate clinic chop shop because you want dentures cheap.

You find out the dentists who work there are rejects from another practice, and have had trouble with the NC board in the past.

Why is any of this a surprise? What kind of dentists do you think would work in these low-paying HellHoles?

You think top-notch dentists would work in places like this?

Fabricating good dentures that fit right and look good and are durable is a very, very difficult task.

It takes years to get really good at it. And it costs to have it done right.

You try to cheap out, and you get what your got.


well you are right . however, there should be some professional knowledge of dentistry and the common decency to make and repair dentures to an acceptable standard. The owner of affordable dentures is a unc chapel hill graduate and surely she knows her profession.


The owner of the clinic is NOT a UNC Chapel Hill dental graduate- except on paper, to fool the NC board of dentistry. At best she is a fake owner dentist to make the clinic look legitimate to the authorities. They have bad apples at UNC Chapel Hill just like they have bad apples at every other college.

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