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Dentist just agrues with me when I tell him the teeth are too short and they do not fit right, they hurt and no suction/ they just will not listen and argue. I ordered the best bottom partial and top Denture.

the bottoms broke and they won't make me a new one. I purchased the best one and the quality was bad, cheap junk. I wore the horrible first denture for a year and got my permanent denture in August they don't fit. the teeth are way to short and look awful, and they won't stay in my mouth without denture adhesive.

My sister-in-law came with me so she could tell them what she thought about them but they would let her come in. Why?

they don't want a witness. She wanted to tell them what a bad job and how short they are they look bad, not like me at all.

I just want a full refund so I can get some made somewhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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I had my teeth for 12 days and two of the front teeth fell out so when I went in to get them fixed I told them the teeth didn't fit right and were still to short.

I went in again on Friday Nov.8th and tried to get them to make them Longer and they wouldn't stay in. And again the dentist argued I told him his teeth were longer and I didn't want them so short He said "just how much longer do you want them 1cm or 2cm?" I'm like about 2cm and he said thats too long! so I said can you show me the length of 2cm? Its not much. He said I'll just take care of it!. He made a new wax pair to try in and wanted me to sign that they were OK, I said they are a little longer and the *** feels better but now but the eye teeth were pointed like vampire teeth and he said just concentrate on the *** and got mad and left the room I told the tech I didn't want to sign the paper until he told me the teeth would be corrected and he came bursting in said he obviously couldn't help me and he was giving me a refund. I just wanted a better look and fit. I checked around and there is no way I can replace them for the partial refund he is offering me. Now what do I do? I have never had such a rude dentist in my life..


lol ! this is really a ridiculous and pathetic job done by them.

Hope now you got new dentures as u wished for. :grin :p


Sorry for your experience,

Got the low budget dentures and have had to return 4 times for four different teeth they have fallen out. Loss of work , pay, and anxiety to return again and again in a 7 week period

Thought if i got the low budget and took care to keep them realigned they would last more than a week at a time.

It's just like shopping at the dollar tree. Didn't have the funds to do better and no Insurance. Really screws with the self esteem stuff.

The display of the staff empathy was placating and still no resolvement as another tooth has fallen out 3 days ago. I'm fallen in the 90 day gurantee catagory. What a flipping headache if I have to move forward with small claims.


I had my permenant teeth for 12 days when two of the front teeth fell out.


I work for a dentist who only does dentures and we hear stories like this all the time. We always suggest one contacts the state dental board and lodges a complaint before heading to small claims court. I really hate to say it but when it comes to dental work, you get what you pay for so if you go to the cheapest dentist then you will usually get less than desirable results and poor service.


Unless you seek legal action on the refund....dont think this doc is gonna budge....as he does not care.

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