First and foremost they are not accommodating to people with Autism and PTSD at least not In my case. The dentist and denture maker specifically, I’d had issues from day on at this office, beginning my journey here with mini implants as I’d already had permanents mad at another office just before.

5 years later I’m cut lose with a partial refund, that cover the cost of no resolution elsewhere. I’ve crooked dentures, teeth that look nothing like what they once did as they ruined my original set, missing teeth in the back as they made me their own for destroying my originals. I’ve crooked implants. Two are so far up you can see the thread which should be down in the bone, the one up the highest hurts so bad.

There been so much pressure one one side of my face, I can’t breathe out of my left nostril most days. I’ve come completely lost symmetry to my face. No other dentist want to touch their work without a fortune. Dr cannon tried to fix the mistake time and time over but they were always just so busy and would half *** it.

They’ve destroyed my life. This process was supposed to do the opposite and it did until I got to this office

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Karen is as helpful as she could be.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentist leaving me to be fitted by tech while he placed an order, Product or the dentist, Discrimination, Dentures they sold me wont even, Everything when the dentist is the worst.

Store Location: 7458 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132

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Never heard of a denture putting pressure so that you could not breathe out of one nostril. Think you are exagerating a bit.


How did you get in the military in the first place with autism? Your upper teeth look very natural.

The implants are placed way too high. They probably had to open your bite to accomodate it. They will probably have to be removed and the bone height reduced. Us regular dentists jokingly refer to your mini-implants as "temporary implants," because they fall out in no time.

Going to a denture mill like AD to have implants would be like going to Jiffy Lube to get a jet turbine engine rebuilt. Not much chance that it will turn out well. Implants and implant dentures are very demanding to manufacture. It takes a lot of precision.

Think they got time to do it right at AD? Not a chance in Hades. Why on earth did you agree to have all your teeth extracted? I virtually never meet a patient who cannot save a few teeth.

Some teeth are better than no teeth.

By going to a crummy joint like this instead of a competent private dentist, you have made a mistake you will regret for the rest of your life. Any fix will cost you thousands of dollars.


You look cool with just the posts. You could play in either my or my nephew's metal band.

I'm not meanly teasing you ; I understand why you're upset. Chronic mouth and head pain are just plain torture and I can't imagine how much time and money you've lost in addition to the physical and mental torment.

Since there is still no end in sight without more of the same, you must be desperate for a solution. I hope you find one.

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