Affordable Dentures Yakima Wa. Charles Meyer Gooss, DMD, P.C.

4 hours, many shots at least 50 put me in shock and no pain relief. One shot clear into my sinus. Didn't try pulling the top 7 teeth, busted them then dug the roots out, lots of bone damage. Swelling into my sinus makes it difficult to breathe, 8 months later and no relief.

Bottom jaw has no problems, 7 teeth, he pulled them without breaking them. Sent me home to come back later in the day to get my teeth, I spent the rest of the day over the sink with blood and mucus pouring from my mouth and in severe shock and pain. Came back a few days later and receive teeth that did not fit. Tried to deal with them for a few months, went back and they were very rude blamed me for waiting too long.

With much argument from the staff and an up close, in your face encounter with Dr. Gooss he made me another set that fit a little better but could not *** anything and could not chew up food. I went back to see if they would fix that and what I got was a pat on the back and told that they were just for looks. Can anyone here help or is this just some place to complain?

I am going to have to go to an oral surgeon to repair my upper jaw and he still has my money for the second set of teeth that I do not want from him (Dr. Gooss). This man needs stopped very hatful and angry Dr..

Can anyone help? I am Joe Henry at paws9876@yahoo.com 509-895-9072

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentures, Staff and dentist, Cost of extractions, I hated it, Damage that was done.

Store Location: Yakima, Washington

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Extracting teeth can be heavy duty surgery. Canines sometimes have roots nearly 2 centimeters long.

It is often very difficult, involving complications, and sometimes results in severe post-operative pain.

The question is, why did you want all your teeth yanked out of your mouth? Would you just have a finger chopped off if it hurt or got infected?

And once you made that bad decision, why did you choose a third-rate El Cheapo clinic to do it?


The Canines are not the problem, was the 4 front teeth. and there was no problem until they were busted before pulling.

Bad teeth don't heal like an infected finger. Teeth don't heal, they just rot and fall out. They cause ALL KINDS of disease to advance in your body that is trying to combat this bad tooth and fight the poisons that drains from the tooth.

All because a first rate clinic has filled or completed a root canal on the tooth. Yes I do have a finger I cut and to this day wish I would have had it removed.

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