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I had several extractions and when I went home I followed instructions on the printed material that I was given. I still ended up having problems, severe pain, and infections.

My next visit, I was told I did everything wrong. Not according to the instructions they gave me! I chose the better quality set of dentures, thinking they would look nicer, last longer, and above that, clean better. I went back several times to adjust the fit.

Since I had a little suction (in the back part) of the top denture, I was told it was a good fit. As soon as I start talking, the front drops. "Suck it back up," they said. Ok.

It stays till I start talking again. I gave up. I don't talk much now, and haven't for over a year. I can say a few words, or short sentences and get by.

Can I tell a funny story about the grandkids? No....not without my top teeth falling. So I simply don't talk much. I cannot use the stick'm stuff.

Apparently I am allergic to something in those adhesives.

Now to address that better quality product: There are tiny pit holes, and smearing of the flesh colored plastic onto the teeth. I love pepper on my food, but no longer eat use it because it seems to find those little pits and won't come out easily.

Eating: Sadly, I am starving my body of good eating habits.

I can no longer eat raw veggies, or anything else that needs to be chewed a lot. My diet consists of soft baby-type food. I miss salad. I miss fresh veggies and nuts and .....!

My bottom dentures "float." That is what they are suppose to do, right? Mine seem to grind roughly across my gums. Painful! I live with horrible pain in my mouth every single day of my life.

My last check-in, they said they fit good. Use stick'm. I will, if I can find one that does not feel like acid poured into my mouth. I did not like being talked down to.

It was like they knew what they were going to say to me before I said anything. I will not go back there.

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Now you know why dentists all your life told you to save your teeth. No patient of mine has ever said they did a great thing having their teeth extracted and having dentures made.

You did not listen.You could have at least saved a couple of teeth, had root canals on them, and used them to support an overdenture.

Too late for you.

To top it off, you tried to get it done cheaply at some clinic. Now you are about to find out how expensive it is to have implants to better support a denture.

Tell your friends so they don't make the same mistake!

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