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I brought in my old dentures to be repaired from 7 years ago. While I was there I also bought a new top denture.

8/25/17. They make you sign off on fit without the teeth in. It felt ok so I signed the paper. I came back after lunch (1st one) and they seated me in the chair.

I was fitted again with the new teeth. Well they didn't feel right. Then they fitted me again. The whole denture was loose in my mouth.

They made a few more adjustments that still were not right. They then lined my brand new dentures and it still didn't fit. By this time it was almost 5:00. The girls were disgusted so they gave me a tube of denture adhesive and said that was all they could do.

I used the denture a few times and they were terrible. On thanksgiving day, at dinner, with company they broke right down the front (in-between the front teeth all the way back to my throat. I used care credit to pay and every month I get the bill. I refuse to go back...I think they were prejudice because I was WHITE.

I was treated badly from the get go.

$550. I should have bought a purse.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Runaround by office staff, Fitting of the product correctly.

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My dentures didn't fit correctly either. i got a run around and they said it was my fault that the dentures didn't fit right (dry mouth).

i did not have dry mouth.

this is 2 yrs later and i need a reline but i don't want to go back there. will a regular dentist reline my dentures even though they didn't make them?

@Jan.R. 2

Depends. Some won't touch other clinics' dentures, some will.

I would if I had the patient sign a waiver. When a dentist touches something, the problem becomes HIS problem.


It wasn’t because you were white because I am black and they did the exact same thing to me. They have given me the runaround for a refund. I think we need to do a class action lawsuit

@Vayounka Williams

I would like to get together with some of the deaths this satisfied customers and I'm $10,000 out of my pocket still making payments and have no teeth have to go somewhere else she was very unprofessional I have requested my records I got them she has wrote down things that didn't even happened I am filing suit if anybody would like to get on board with me I would greatly appreciate it


$550 is very cheap for a denture. For that price, no dentist can take all the right steps necessary, like fabricating a custom tray for the final impression.

To do it right FIVE appointments are necessary. Choose one and only one:1. Cheap denture with corners cut in fabrication.2.

Good denture with all the steps taken. (Not cheap.)


that is simply not a true statement. I have a denture from affordable dentures Commerce Georgia.

They were 1 day dentures that fit perfect and look great these were made in 2004 and I still wear them today. Cartersville office does not have a good denture maker and therefore the dentures are not as good nor do they fit as good.

@Teresa Barnett

Lady, it takes several hours just for heat cured acrylic to harden. Did they spend 16 hours just working on YOU?

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