i went to affordable dentures in cartersville ga. big mistake .its been 4 weeks now sence they pulled 8 frount teeth on bottom and made me a lower plate.

now after 4 return trips for adjustments and to find out why they hurt so much a second set had to be made because the first ones were unlevel and made me look like i had a stroke and they ground the lower plate down so much they would cut my mouth when i wore them. they dont want to remove the tooth and bone chips that are trying to poke through my lower gums so now i cant ware the new set because of the pain. there cattel drive idea to dentures to keep costs low is understandable but when it comes at the price of pain and suffering to consumer and poor quality dentures did they do me a good service? no.

now i'm up at nite in pain trying to control my temper and not make a 5th trip to cartersville to settel the score with a certain lady dentist that needs a few teeth of her own knoked out so she can see what she is putting us through. no joke i am mad as **** and i want to get even. i cant eat i cant sleep and she dont care. but what if?

no its not worth going to jail over.

just stop payment save my money and go find a real dentist. do yourself a favor and you do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

Location: Cartersville, Georgia

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