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Well top teeth don't fit have to use fixadent all the time, bottom don't fit at all they fall out, I've went back several times still no satisfaction,I wish someone would have told me about them a couple of people I no went to them they didn't warn me,they don't no what they are doing their just getting rich off us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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No Clyde you sound like a jealous *** wtf are you even doing stalking this site? You are most likely a *** dentist probably went to school on daddy’s money. Keep your *** comments for your rich patients.


No, they are not getting rich off this bargain-basement dentures. They can't even get enough dentists to work there the pay is so low.Look you went to AD to get cheap dentures, and that is exactly what you got.

What are you complaining about?If you wanted top notch dentures, with final impressions made in custom trays, teeth carefully picked out from quality molds selected to mimic your original teeth, you would have gone to a regular dentist and paid between $3500 and $5000 for a pair.Getting new dentures is not like buying a new lawnmower from Home Depot. Each denture is custom made to fit only you. It takes time to do it right.

More time costs more money. You wanted cheap, remember?


I'm in 4 months of treatment, and over 5000.00 I don't call that cheap and I'm miserable. I have been back at least 9 times for adjustments and linings.

Still can't eat with the dentures in. I want all my money back so I can go to a real dentist.

@Pissed Connie

Clyde loves to leave nasty reviews shaming people who don't have a lot of money. It is obnoxious so don't let him get to you.

I have reported him because this is abusive and I feel for you; I spent about $3300 there and am in the middle of trying to be able to get teeth that fit to any extent.

This is the fault of the chain which is predatory and should not be shut down, not on consumers. I can guess who he voted for.

@Pissed Connie

Perhaps if you get a real dentist to document the deficiencies of your dentures, you can take that to Affordable Dentures, and have a better shot at getting a refund. Sometimes when these corporate clinics see the patient is well-armed with facts, they get scared, and are more apt to refund money.


Why do you leave nasty comments to people? Why are you so rude? Where do you practice so I can never accidentally use yoru services?

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