Beware of this place, I went to Affordable Dentures in Morristown Tn. for lower partials, this was the closest location for me, 2 and 1/2 hour drive. I chose this place over my local dentist who had made my previous "perfect" partials, because he could not get me an appointment for 2 weeks. I had read (internet) that Affordable Dentures could make dentures in one day (NOT TRUE) and I needed my teeth immediately. I am a teacher and I had orientation that week.

The first visit, I arrived at 6 am, (opened at 7) I wanted to be first in line and I was. They took me back into the clinic and made 6 impressions and told me to come back at 3. I arrived at 230 and waited until 3 (I was first in line again) I was sure they would call me first, but they called everyone that had arrived after me first, (that was more money for them since most were getting the full set of dentures). Finally, my name was called. They had produced this ridiculous partial that didn't come close to entering my mouth. So they take 4 more impressions (I was nauseous the rest of the evening), and told me to come back the next day.

They assured me that they needed more time to work on my partials, that they had someone in the lab that specializes in the making of partials and they would get it right this time. The next morning, I decided to call before I left (that is a long drive) and they told me not to come, that they needed to order more teeth. I was ok with that, I really wanted the partials to be right and if they needed more time to accomplish that, then so be it.

The third day, I called and they said to come on in, my partials were ready. I really need to get these partials immediately, so I can return to work. Again, I was the first one there, arrived at 2:30 (supposed to be there at 3) and again they take everyone that had arrived after me, before me. Finally, they call me back and to my dismay they were worse than before. After several attempts to "make them fit" they gave up. The dentist suggested I go somewhere else and I ask for the $270. cash payment, I had made two days before, back. They could not give my money back, they said they had to "get corporate to send me a check in the mail".

The funny thing about the whole situation is that my local dentist took ONE impression and made ONE partial that fit perfectly at a cost of $230.

The next day after I returned home from the last visit, I had two nasty fever blisters to pop up on my mouth.

Monetary Loss: $270.

Location: Hyden, Kentucky

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Can you email your dentist name & number I just moved to tenn I am in sneedville- I need work done and this place scares me - the care here is awlfu


I've had horrible dealings with this office numerous times myself. This office has more than our bad reviews.

The people that work there are rude and obviously don't know what they're doing. I paid them over $2000 for full dentures and they refuse to fix them. The manager followed me down the hallway yelling don't you ever come back here simply because I said "you don't stand behind your product do you"?

I just hope enough complaints will make something change. Hope you got yours fixed.


I had a similar issue happen today on a partial they are very incompetent


Anonymous...thanks very much for a good job getting new dentures for.me in one day.


I went to the same exact place 8 weeks ago & I had 26 teeth pulled plus got the upper & lowers in the same day... I only had 1 impression made & my teeth fit just fine.

I have not had one problem with this place nor did they take everyone else back before me.

They took people back in order of arrival.


I would bet my last dollar that you work at affordable dentures.


this was a person that work there that made this review


Heard a rumor wife of dentist ran this place six months while he couldn't pulled teeth and all no training due to financial hardship. Someone finally told it. I have no way of knowing whether its true or not but needs looked into in my opinion.


my late husband went there he was there all day when they gave him his dentures he looked like he had horse teeth!! i paid $730.00 for his, he never wore them.

they looked ridiculous!! he was so embarrassed he wouldnt even try to get them to fix them. he said whats the point he was dying anyway (he had lung cancer) he never would even go to another dentist.

it was very sad, i will never forget it. he passed away 7 months later he didn't smile again.




I see where "Two Sides" claims (on February 28, 2012) that the entire staff were replaced "eight months ago." That is a blatant lie. The very same inept dentist, John David Harrison and his wife, Jennifer Harrison are the same ones who still operate this facility.

And they are still doing the very same things that they were doing in their home state of Louisiana which caused the dentist to have to relinquish his license there after a number fines had been charged against him. This is not a personal attack, it's simply the truth. It is also my understanding that this dentist has now been fired by his home office.

Although his wife worked on patients in his office (without having any sort of license to do so!) she was never an actual paid employee of Affordable Dentures. Shame on them!


I know a little something about the Morristown Affordable Dentures, and most of these stories are rediculous. You cant always please everyone, but this particular Affordable Dentures office really goes out of their way to try. The dentist is awesome!! And the NEW staff (all of whom were replaced about 8 months ago) make the visit very pleasant. The number one draw back of choosing Affordable Dentures is the wait time - but when your getting a really quality set of dentures (and both of my sets have been) for less than $400, it is truly a small price to pay.

Like I said, I have had two sets of full dentures made from Morristown Affordable Dentures and they were pretty much perfect from the first time they put them in my mouth. I had to return only ONCE for a minor adjustment. They even scheduled me an appointment for that, and I was seated and treated right on time. I honestly think the whole group is great. After I was released in the morning time, I returned around 3pm to recieve my new dentures. The staff all looked like they had not stopped once since I had been gone the whole day. The office is cheerful, friendly, and they worked with me to be as accomodating as they could.

Im not entirely sure what people expect nowadays? Have some of you people not seen a regular dentist lately? Dentures at a general dental practice cost nearly $3000 for a set. AND.... it takes about 5 appointments over the course of 6 weeks to get them.... Now that is rediculous. Affordable provides MOST of their services in one day and they do it for $375. AND IT IS A WALK IN CLINIC!!!!

Seriously, some people are just impossible to please. Morristown Affordable Dentures is a fantastic office with a fantastic dentist and staff. Thank you for my smile.


liar,liar ur pants on fire


On October 26, 2010, I paid $1,195 for the "Premium Dentures" package. Just before surgery in November of 2010, I received and had the "immediate" or temporary dentures that were used directly after surgery. At the time I paid for the denture package, I was told the immediate dentures wouldn't be ready until the next day. All signs in the facility and even the website make it clear that "The Premium Denture is often available the same day, however, in some cases it may take longer. The practice will inform you of their delivery times."

Eight months later, in late June of 2011, I wanted the temps “re-lined” and mostly, wanted to get the “CUSTOM” dentures made. I arrived at the facility before 7:30AM and was the first to sign in. There were issues in the facility at that time due to the-then receptionist's sudden departure. Although I was the first to arrive and sign in, nearly everyone else who arrived both before and after me was seen before I was. I repeatedly went to the window and asked if my name had been called, only to be told it had not been called. Finally, at 11:30AM, the woman (who is/was still) managing the facility took me to the back. They both explained to me that it was too late to start work on my “custom” dentures so I agreed to at least have my 'immediate' dentures re-lined.

On October 10, 2011, my husband and I were in Morristown and we decided to stop by the facility to see how things were going in the 3 months since the receptionist had suddenly quit. We were told everything was finally straightened out and all previous employees had been let go - except for the woman who was still running the office.

The very next day, on October 11th, 2011, nearly one full year after paying in full for the Premium “CUSTOM” Package in advance, I again returned to get my permanent dentures made. Again I arrived before the doors opened. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten photos of my teeth (crowns and my own teeth) to give the 'staff' an idea of what I would like my new 'teeth' to look like - not exact replicas, I understood, but I was not yet aware that the new teeth would look exactly like the standard immediate dentures I already had; same teeth were placed in the same place, the exact same size and shape, up to and including the oddly-placed 'eye' tooth on the left side of the upper denture.

Gratefully, my husband was willing to drive all the way back to our home for the pictures; normally an hour and a half drive that he drove both ways in less than two hours. My temporaries were then taken and the re-line from June was removed.

I still do not understand why an impression needed to be made of my temporary dentures which were originally made when my teeth had not yet been removed. I also cannot understand why impressions would be made after the re-line had been removed. The logic of this process escapes me but I am not a denture 'technician'. My temporary dentures were then filled with some purple goo, gluing them together, and were then taken away. The 'goo' tasted like turpentine!

By approximately 10AM, I was told that at 2PM, I would be fitted with the new dentures; to customize them, so my husband and I left the facility to visit some local stores in Morristown while we waited to return for the customization of my new dentures at 2PM. While criss-crossing town, we decided to stop back by the facility to see if everything was still on track and learned that I hadn't "bit" down on wax dentures. I was given some wax dentures to *** down on and asked what I would like to see in my new dentures.

My main concern was the large amount of "gum" on my temporary dentures that shows when I smile. I also wanted my uppers to have more teeth showing; I wanted larger teeth where there's 'gums' on my temporary uppers. I thought the photos would help give the "technician" a better idea of what I was talking about - which is why, I thought, I'd been told to bring photos of my own teeth way back when I initially paid for the Premium Package.

Perhaps it was my failure to properly and/or more thoroughly explain what I was looking for in my new dentures. Not only did I want less "gums" and bigger top teeth, I also didn't want the top teeth to be so perfectly lined up in the front and I most certainly did not want that prominent "eye" tooth on the left side of the uppers to be prominent at all. I was wanting the top two front teeth of the new denture to extend down just a little further than the other teeth beside them by at least one or two millimeters - to make them a little more like my own (real) teeth used to be.

When my husband and I returned to your facility at 2PM, I was taken to the back rooms to begin the process with three other people.

After being seated, I waited about 10 minutes before seeing the new receptionist drop an upper (denture) with a white coating on the upper part of them! I was concerned that those might be MY new dentures and hoped the dentures would at least be sterilized before being brought to me, to put in my mouth. As I sat there, I realized I was becoming very tired and that I wasn't feeling very well at all. Not only had I been up since 3:30AM that morning with only about three hours of sleep, I hadn't eaten anything either - since my temporary dentures had stayed with the facility while my husband and I were gone between 10AM and 2PM. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was getting sick - turns out it was with a stomach virus.

An assistant finally came in with the new dentures and kept spraying them with a white liquid and asking if the uppers had any suction. After repeating the process some 7 or 8 times, taking the new dentures to the back for some unknown process that only resulted with the same results, she finally went to the managing dentist and asked for help.

I heard him in the room next door for some time, talking with a gentleman. I heard him tell the patient at least twice that the office would be closed the following week for vacation. I also heard the dentist suggest the patient try an over-the-counter liner if he had any problems with his dentures fitting properly - until he could get back to the office to have them adjusted. When the dentist later came in twice to help me, his spraying of the white liquid on the upper denture still didn't improve the fit - or suction - either. It was approximately 3:15PM by then and he took the new dentures to the back - again - and said he'd return. In between him and his staff coming in to re-spray the dentures, I had time to examine and compare my temporaries and the “custom” ones.

At 3:20PM, I could hear my husband asking the receptionist about how things were going with me; wanting to come back and sit with me to see how I was doing. Although husbands had been with their wives in other rooms, my husband didn’t seem to be allowed to come back. In spite of that, my husband took it well. At 3:24PM, I then sent him a text that said, "Still don't fit as well as the temps and look identical except whiter. :-( am tired." He sent a text back at 3:25pm that said, "Get it rite!!!" At 3:26pm, my text back was, "***, it is what it is. Im tired & just want out of here". He texted back. "O k" - also at 3:26pm. These texts are still saved in my phone.

All told, we’d been there for nine (9) hours at that point.

When I then began to shake - from low blood sugar, feeling ill, being tired, and from quite disappointed with the process to that point - I decided I needed to leave. I walked up to the receptionist's area and leaning on the doorframe, I quietly told the woman who seemed to be in charge (not the new receptionist) that I wasn't feeling well and asked if I could come back in about two weeks – remember, I’d overheard the dentist telling the man in the next room that the office would be closed the following week for vacation so asking if I could come back the following week, I knew wouldn't be possible.

After sympathizing with the woman in charge when she was experiencing a difficult situation back in June; after her telling me about it and appreciating my patience and understanding for her, I can honestly say I did not expect her vehement reaction to my question. I expected to hear something like, "I'm sorry you’re not feeling well. Are you sure you can't hang in there a little longer?"

Instead, she raised her voice and shouted at me that I could NOT leave and come back; that "It is an all-day event". I said, "Yes, I've been here all day. I'm tired and going home", her loud reply to me was that if I left now, I could NOT come back. Surprised, I then said, “I can come back later to finish ...” but wasn’t able to finish the whole sentence before she said, “NO! If you leave here now, there’s no coming back!”

I was shocked by that tidbit of information but I was also beginning to get upset with the lack of courtesy and staying was no longer an option. More to myself than to the woman, I said, “I guess my husband wasted his time and gas, driving the 2 hours roundtrip to get the photos of my teeth.” The woman snapped back, “What” Your rotten teeth?” That was the last straw for me.

Not only was I shocked by her reaction and comments, I was also highly insulted by her comment regarding the pictures of my teeth. She then asked if I really wanted my nasty teeth back. The look I gave her said, "Kiss my ***", and I then left the receptionist's area and went into the front waiting area. The look on my husband's face told me he'd been able to hear the entire thing - as everyone else in the waiting area had also been able to hear!

The woman’s attitude was NOT professional, it was not good customer service, and NO patient should EVER be treated that way! When my husband went back in just a few minutes later to get my paperwork and unfinished dentures, she refused to cooperate with him and was very rude to him although he'd done nothing to her; nor was he rude with her. Before stooping to her level, he turned and left also.

As things stand now, I really have no interest in returning to the facility as I no longer have faith or confidence in that office's ability to work with me respectfully or with dignity; not even for a re-re-line of the one that was removed, for some unknown reason.

I've written to that facility and "Affordable Denture Patient Care Services", asking for a refund of the difference between the single set of dentures which were to be “temporaries”, they are all that I have, and the Premium “CUSTOM” Package that I paid in full for, in advance. There's been discussion between that facility and Affordable Denture's "Home Office" but ultimately, Home Office tells me, it's up to the dentist to give the refund. His office tells me I have to go back yet again - at MY expense, AGAIN - to fill out 'paperwork' that can be simply mailed to me to fill out!!

To say that I am angry about being asked to return to that facility is an understatement!!! I wasted 2 days already to wake up, drive there, spend the day there, and in the end, have nothing I paid for. I certainly do NOT want to spend more of MY time, gas, and energy on that place. I am seriously considering hiring an attorney to call them and have them send HIM the "paperwork" to look over before I sign anything!!

Affordable Dentures, in MY opinion, is NOT worth the money charged for anything more than a single set of 'temporaries'. Invest in dentures from a good dentist; it WILL BE far better and well worth the time and money invested!!!


travel to sexton clinic in Florence, south carolina for true, one day service


thank you so much and I am so glad I found this site. Plenty businesses *** me off.

We pay so much money to live these days. We need to know the good and the bad business.


Hello, I am so glad I read this!.I was going to go there to the place in Morristown also!I am 1 1/2 hrs away in Kentucky. We have no local Dentist that will make these for under $600.00 and I only need the upper. Would you mind telling me where you got yours?


Refunds come from the DR. and affordable but the longer they can hold on to your money the more they make . If they give you the run a round for some time they make the interest on it.


If your getting blisters in your mouth and didn't get it with your first set it's probable because about 2 years ago affordable went to there own acrylic and monomer . That's what's affordable uses to makes there dentures . IT SAVES THEM MONEY.This is some of the cheap stuff on the market.


The tech makes the denture and the guy at affordable in morristown has no training but that's the same at all affordable's . Affordable is a denture mill.

All the cheapest material. This is where you start if your in the dental field. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Watch out for large corp. Look at BBB before you go to a dentist.

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