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This is the worst place ever the people are so rude and they aren't willing to answer any of your questions. They run people in and out of the office like they are herding cattle.

My husband just needed a new set of upper dentures and they told him he needed the new wearer package so his gums had time to heal from the extractions.(which was more money) What extractions he is just replacing his old teeth.

The teeth in the new upper dentures were so small that they didn't match his lower teeth at all and we paid for the premium package. When he tried to talk to someone about it she got nasty with him and said "what do you expect" We are in the process of trying to get our money back and returning the teeth and the better business bureau will be informed of the way they treat people.

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I paid 1200 less than a year ago for the preium package and I got up on Christmas morning and my front tooth just fell out. When I called them I was told it would be almost another 200 dollars to put the tooth back in.

What a bunch of gold diggers. There should no fee to put the tooth back in because it is their fault it wasn't set in there right.


I also forgot to add that while making my lower partial, the cast they used, when they pulled it lose from my upper teeth, (which have crowns), they caused one of my crowns to loosen up. I know am having problems with the tooth under that crown. I should have filed a complaint against them with the BBB, but foolishly let it slide and now I am suffering with a toothache, with no way to see a dentist as I have no dental insurance and cannot afford to pay for a root canal.


I will never use affordable dentures in Bedford again. I got a bottom partial there a couple of years ago.

As soon as the hygienist had me place it in my mouth, I knew it didn't fit right and I told her so. She would not adjust it, just told me the dentist wanted patients to wear a new partial for a couple of weeks so you could get used to it. It rubbed sores on my mouth and within 4 months it broke.

I didn't bother going back. I will never give them my business again, nor will I recommend them to anyone else.


so glad i came acroos these complaints, I have been doing research onine and was readt to make appt. for my husband and get the premium set, but will not go there now.Thanks


Don't waste your money. I spent all day there and came away with ill fitting dentures that were filed down so thin so they would fit in my mouth that you could see light through them.

They filed the back teeth to a smooth surface with no chewing ability. They tried to force dentures into my moth 6 times and then started getting agrivaited with me. I finally had enough and just wanted to get out of there. Please don't waste your money.

I will have to go somewhere else and have them done correctly. What a nightmare!!!

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