I had dentures made there a few months ago. The lower was a challenge even for the dentist who salvaged the mess they made.

They said they did all they could do for me. I went Dr Cliff Auten in Whitney, TX. He did mini implants on the lower for way less than these people but had to do a lot of adjusting even with those. I had to pay $175 for an upper reline.

A brand new denture should not already need a reline. This was on what they call the Ultimate Denture.

Just a place that just cuts corners. Dr Patel a very uncaring dentist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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LOL "Ultimate denture."

Mini-implants are often called "temporary implants" because they fall out so regularly.

Don't you wish you had saved your teeth now?


Who are you ClydeDDS??? Not a real Dentist as I don't think you'd have the attitude you do.

It's irrelevant that people neglected their health and teeth. You have No knowledge of their circumstances to judge them.

The Clinics should address the problems at hand, not why someone let it get that bad. At first, do no harm..........


Great you finally used a good dentist after trying to save money going to a fleabag denture mill like Affordable Dentures. Just think of the trouble and money you would have saved it you went to Dr. Auten in the first place.


way to go #1370126 ..




They ignore The Complaint at the main office , the corporate office referrs the patient back to the dentist office , and the office refers you rt back to corporate.

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