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Dr Wilson is the very example of why I fear a dentist. Before I ever sat in his chair, I told him I have had trouble with numbing.

He assured me that I would be medicated and unable to feel pain. Once he started, he learned this to be true. Instead of trying to resolve the problem, HE TIED ME TO THE CHAIR AND RIPPED MY TEETH OUT ANYWAY.Yes I survived. Yes I am more terrified than ever.

I was told to come back the next day for review/checkup. The staff then took advantage of my drugged state and coerced me into an additional $900 for an upgrade package. The dentures he provided are off center, oversized and do no fit together. I was also having pieces of bone slivers coming from my gums.

Before he would see me about the fit, I was forced to sign "no tolerance for aggression" document. Then ALL patients were excused and I was surrounded by Dr Wilson & 6 "observers" in a tiny little room. He proceeded to tell me I was wrong and I did not know what I was talking about. He REFUSED to make another set even though I offered to pay for a new set.

As though it was not my mouth, my pain, or my money. He wanted me to pay more money to add soft liners for the crooked teeth he provided !He has not refunded the extra money he stole, nor has provided the "upgraded" dentures the staff conned me into putting on my credit card while in a drugged stuper. I still have bone shards coming from my gums to this day. I can no longer continue my job and expect to have quite a hard time finding another one WITH NO TEETH!

Anyone considering using this dentist should be warned. He will go out of his way to take your money in advance, then extract more, then laugh at you in your pain.

His staff is just exactly the same. All smiles till they get your money!

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please call me, i got the same con and slaughtered on march 28 2018, my number is 936 718 1432 there are many of us, many have conroe police called on them when they go back after malpractice and fraud! Lisa Watkins


Was considering this place but....These complaints are everywhere and I see your post from the (my)Conroe area. Makes me think twice for sure...

Lisa W
@Just M

same thing happened to me, still going through it , lost 20 lbs no teeth, lost work, losses 6000,00 Toothless hairdresser!

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