I had partial upper piece(flipper)done in the colonial,ft. Myers fl.

office,I brought the sample of the one I had made years before thru another doctor in different county which broke, and was the reason to get new one.after showing that sample to the dentist,which had very short material edge on top of the teethes,explaining all the inconveniences I had with a prior piece,the one they made, at the top of the teethes had such high part of material it hurt my gum.the technician and assistance with a mad attitude cause it was almost time to close,grinded a bit,but it still different from the one i had before and still bother.I was also told by the doctor I needed to get used to it.the next day i could not stand the pain from the plastic edge cutting my gum,and went back,they had told me there was no refund unless they did a wrong work,and i was supposed to sign a form which stated i would not be allowed to go there again until 5 years later at least, i signed it and got my money back.now again after more than 6 years the piece i had made from a different place broke, i was thinking of giving this place another try cause, maybe since i was the last patient they were in a hurry and maybe with different staff it would be better,but,i'm glad i found this site to realize before making the same mistake a second time is not worth it. i rather wait to get more money and go to the last placei got my piece from.anyone with refund problem,contact BBB,and small claims court to get your money back, plus pain suffering and waste of time etc.this places really should be investigated and closed down removing their licences from working anywhere else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Store Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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