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I took my 83 yr old mother to get a full set of dentures. She is in the early stages of dementia but freaks out when she cannot see me and she does not do well with verbal commands to which I told them once we were taken back.

We arrived and signed in with the glass being closed and no one acknowledging us. Later, we were called back and were told we were supposed to have told the secretary what we were there for. How could I tell someone when no one acknowledged us? Anyway, I push her back in her wheelchair and they put us in the HALLWAY!

Not in a room with her in a chair. They asked why were we there and I told them she needed a full denture set. Next thing I know, this dentist is trying to push an adult metal plate in her mouth and she starts screaming! I explain to him that she needs a child's plate as she has a tiny mouth.

Again, he tries to force the object in her mouth ripping the corners of her mouth. I yelled at him and told him to stop as he was hurting her. He then tells me he deals with the elderly from nursing homes so he knows what he is doing. At that point I have words with him which I will not put on here.

He then tries to use wax, which that did not work either...Again not explaining anything to us nor talking anything over with us. He then comes at her with a hand full of pink goo and tells her to breathe in and out her nose and pushes this goo into her mouth. I am pissed at this point and told him that he has not explained anything to us about her dentures. He then takes me into this room and tells me that "he" is giving her this type of dentures that costs $1490.

Now all this time he has not asked us what can we afford, what kind of dentures were available to us and what my mother needed to expect as he did the procedures. He had that pink goo all over her face by the time we left not to mention the corners of her mouth ripped! We had to return the next day, and again he acted like an ***. Once he put her teeth in, he said "these look good and I feel they will work for her".

I looked in her mouth and she even told me they did not fit right. There was a gap where the teeth did not line up which it did not take a *** to see. When I told him he tried to blame it on me getting in his way. Finally he got them to fit and as we were leaving he told me if we needed to come back to ask for him as he knows what he is doing unlike the nice young man that took over when we first got there.

I said " I don't think so". I think this dentist enjoyed hurting my mother and other elderly people. I did not appreciate not being asked what we wanted, nothing being explained to us and how we were herded in and out like cattle. The waiting area was nasty with stains all over the chairs and carpet and I did not appreciate how we were treated.

Having my mother put into the hallway violated the HIPPA Law as she had no privacy everyone walking by was staring at us.

I will not go back to that office ever!! And I have told numerous people how badly we were treated there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Teach employees on customers relations.

Location: 2842 Boyer St, Charlotte, NC 28208, USA

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Some patient have regular arches but small mouth openings. Your mother may be one of them.

These patients are hard to take impressions on.

Affordable Dentures can't make a good denture on one day. Nobody can. Making good dentures takes at least 5 appointments.

Look, you wanted cheap dentures for you mother, you took her to a fleabag cheap denture place, and she got herded in and out like a cow. What is the surprise in this?

You thought she would get cheap dentures and have a dentist spend a lot of time with her? You believed a delusion foisted by TV ads.

By the way placing a patient in a hall violates no HIPPA regulation at all.

HIPPA has to do with confidential patient information. I got news for you: in the waiting room, everyone sees every other patient as well.

The reality is that making good, usable dentures require a lot of time and personal attention and are going to cost at least $1500 EACH, and probably closer to $2000.

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