Made me ugly dentures and very uncaring dentist and staff. They even suggested that I try their Yakima office if I did not like what they were doing.

Yakima?!? If I wanted to go to Yakima, I would have done it. Now I spent what little money I had and will have to wait at least a year to save enough money to get these dentures redone. It's not " Affordable" if I have to pay someone else to redo their shoddy, incompetent work.

I suspect the dentist there is a washed up alcoholic. I don't know where they found this guy but, he ought to retire. Not only was I upset, but, at 6 of my 9 appointments, the waiting room and parking lot was filled with other very dissatisfied denture patients. Next time, I will do my research before opening my mouth and checkbook.

Wish I had googled their name first. RIP OFF!!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Yakima dentist a washed up alcoholic? Try an Ivy League dental school graduate that has a wonderful caring staff and very talented denture lab!


The school from which he graduated was and is not the subject of these overwhelming negative experiences. What is at issue is shoddy dentures provided under the false pretense of receiving oral prosthetics from a specialist.

That is, representing himself as a denturist and advertising as a Denturist when in fact he is "an Ivy League dentist" who relies on a "very talented denture lab" to actually provide the services. Your words, not mine.

Affordable Dentures reputation speaks for itself. DO NOT GO THERE.


Dear Anonymous,

If you'd taken the time to (or had the capacity to do so) read the original complaint in Jan 2013, you'd understand that it was their opinion that the dentist was a "washed up alcoholic" at whichever Affordable Dentures they had the bad treatment at. Not the Yakima location.

It was the dentist there who suggested the Yakma office might provide better service. We have no way of knowing from the original complaint which Affordable Dentures franchise they went to. Just that they were told they might give the Yakima franchise a try. You are a poor reader.

Now, I was here reading comments because I was having trouble with the Yakima Affordable Dentures location also.

I feel I can confidently say, that office is no better. Franchise dentistry is just a poor way to have dental care.


I traveled from Wenatchee, WA to go to Afdordable Dentures in Yakima, WA. It was awful.

I agree, that rude, fat pig of a dentist(who claims to be a denturist but, is not), is washed up. I left before letting him waste the money in my checking account. Went to a real denturist in Pasco, WA. Very pleased with the service there.

Joseph Vize is the denturist at the office.

Very professional and meticulous. You can't go wrong there.


Read these posts and agree. Do your research.

Lastly, the denturist referred to in Pasco, WA is First Choice Denture Service. It is the only Denturist office in Pasco.

I have been a patient for many years and never disappointed. -Robert


People! It is so easy to research a denturist or dentist office before setting up an appointment!

Checking with the Dept. Of Health website, searching the internet for patient reviews, and talking to friends and family before making an appointment would avoid so much grief. With these resources so easily available to the consumer, I just don't understand how so many patients get ripped off on dentures from places like Aspen Dental or Affordable Dentures. 5 mins.

or less doing a google search should tell the consumer all they need to know about these fly-by-night operations. Please do your due diligence by spending at least a few minuets checking into the denturist or dentist they are considering going to for this very serious and frankly, complicated procedure. It is worth the small amount of effort required to have peace of mind you will be in good hands restoring your appearance and quality of life. It is so easy these days with the internet to find out.

I hope those who are reading this and in need of dentures takes what I am saying seriously. I care about you and want you to have good results with your dentures. Lastly, I want to say, my motivation for writing this is from first hand experience. I got tangled up with affordable dentures in Yakima after calling around to find the cheapest denture office I could.

I thought I was being a "wise consumer" by shopping for a deal. I failed to check their background and went there simply because they were the "low bid" office. After 9 mos. of back and fourth and lots of misery, I gave up and went to a denturist in Pasco who had me fixed up in 2 weeks.

I did research him with the Dept. Of Health before making appt. and reading the many positive reviews from other patients he provided denture for. Do your homework folks!!!

Cheers and best wishes! --E.S.M.


Luckily for you, Washington is a state that allows access to denturists. If you wear dentures(as I do), go to the experts.

It took 2 sets of dentures for me and 10 years of unnecessary misery to discover this. The teeth I wear now came from a Denturist in Pasco, WA. He's great but, wherever you are at, seek the help of the people that specialize and do it every day. Anyhow, best of luck.

If you want the name of the Pasco Denturist, put a post up and I will either post it or email. I am currently going to a Denturist in Tacoma that I could hook you up with as well.


what Denturist in Pasco did you go to. Thanks.



There is only one Denturist in Pasco, WA. First Choice Denture Service.

www.firstchoicedentureservice.com Office is near Autoplex in Pasco at RD 34 and Court near post office.

They have been there for decades. -Chris


Please post Pasco Denturist name.

Thank you!

Just starting journey


I don't know what area you are from but, driving to Affordable Dentures in "Yakima" would not have helped. I have been to the Affordable Dentures clinic in Yakima for dentures.

I assure you they are just as useless as the office you went to. In my efforts to save money, I have been ripped off by not only Affordable Dentures in Yakima, WA but, Aspen Dental in Tri-Cities. These rip off franchises are a cut of the same cloth. Which franchise or location matters little.

It is assembly line dentistry.

At this point, I would have not only good teeth, but, close to $3,000 more in my pocket had I researched these places first. Anyhow, best of luck getting your dentures fixed.

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