i can personally relate to patients complaining about poor dental service, and then the dentist resort to blaming the patient for their mistakes.my partials were so deformed that friends of mine couldn't believe the dentist allowed the partials to leave his office in such poor condition.i filed a legitimate complaint with Metlife only to have them use an independent consultant bias opinion even after i got an experience dentist to document clinical issues with the partials.i refused to accept this unfair decision, so i forwarded over 30 pages of information to the mississippi dental board consisting of documents and pictures.now lets see who gets the last laugh.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Store Location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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What dentist is this????


I hope you win. Whats the update?


Can't really tell if the partial does or does not fit from the pictures. The plastic being two colors is strange.

Did they try to do an in-the-mouth reline? Also the plastic on the inside in front looks like it goes over the metal a little too far. Other than those two things, it looks like a normal partial to me, and I have fabricated thousands of them.

When patients go looking for the cheapest partials in sleazy franchise clinics, they make a huge mistake. A good partial takes me 5 appointments to make, a lot of planning, and the metal part alone costs $230 in lab costs.

So don't look for decent partials to cost less than $1500.

I am sorry about what happened to you, but you went looking for cheap partial, and you got a cheap partial you cannot wear. Maybe you can learn from this experience, and visit an honest, experienced dentist who owns his own practice next time.


Whats are your thoughts on valplast or flexite partials. Ive had extensive restorative work crowns bridges etc but the bridges are failing?


Vaplast or Flexite is no panacea, and teeth tend to come off that material much more frequently. Plus this material usually costs a little more, rather than less. The only thing it does is allow dentist to make a more esthetic- even if more bulky clasp.


What a bunch of hooha!! I honestly don't care how experienced you are-all I am hearing is you attempting to promote dentists that charge higher prices for services which unfortunately not ALL patients in need of care are in a position to afford?

Enough of your arrogant and condescending attitude , I've read several of your other posts and heard you degrade enough people already?!?

When are you going to get it thru your head not everyone has insurance or can afford to pay the outrageous prices private dental professionals such as yourself seem to feel entitled to charge??

Maybe just maybe if you lowered your overall pricing a bit in order to stay competitive and in line with franchises and/or actually wanted to 'help' people rather than line your pocket you wouldn't have to feel so "sorry" for people or lose business. I understand that your student loans must be paid off and your building rent in private practice must be higher monthly as well as office supplies independently but give me a break! Every person I know is very well aware dentists charge more than need be which is why your business is so competitive to begin with. Combine that with the flippant and ungracious attitudes most dentists have towards their clients when asking them to basically fit the price of a car or family vacation into their mouth and its easy to see why patients shop around.

With the internet nowadays it is only made easier..

My recommendation? Forget these overly high priced American dentists that seem to have an attitude of entitlement to begin with! Who needs it?

I went down to sunny Baja for my partials. Stayed 3 days.

Was treated like royalty-no kidding! Picked up at airport , chauferred to my hotel, next day from hotel to dentists back again- the works! No American dentist would ever go out of their way for you like this?? First day xrays, second day extractions and same day partial.

Perfect fit. No problemo. It didn't take days or 5 visits?? Total cost in Mexico was only $450 vs $2200 by American dentist??

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out??

Third day stayed to lay on the beach for some R&R. Then went shopping with some of the money I saved. Ate lots of fresh oysters and soft tacos. YUM.

Why pay for your dentists vacation, house or car payment when you have your own??

Honestly- If ever I need dental work again Baja will ALWAYS be my solution! Much more to my liking to be treated like royalty than frowned upon and/or degraded by most DDS of American Society :(


You can't go to McDonald's & expect a steak dinner from a 5 star restaurant. You get what you pay for.

Prices are what they are... & your inability to afford what you need is not the problem of the people that are in the dental profession.


Come on ..I had dentures done with a dentist 4 years prior to the horrible ones ,(that i am upset about). The price same on both .as 1st set beautiful these are awful the v midline rt ontop of the 2 front teeth set off upove the I tooth .

It is the pride and workmanship .

The Compassion put forth into thier job. THATS what makes a product , yes you can pay higher byt if the person who makes it is horrible and could careless then it shows on the product


Every patient I have had go to a foreign country for dental care got something done wrong that he had to pay to correct once they were back in the US. The sole exception was a Korean patient who went back to his family dentist in Korea.

Brazil, Cambodia, VietNam, Mexico, India are just a few countries where my patient have gone and gotten butchered looking for cheap treatment. Sure there are some good dentists in other countries but you *** patients won't find them because you look for dentists on the internet and in in-flight magazines on airliners.

By the way, bet you did not know that Obamacare slapped a new tax on dental equipment and supplies.


EXACTLY..And thank you for speaking up .


Thank you for speaking out towatds these attitudes .

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