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I had dentures made by Affordable. I have been in twice since I got them for adjustments.

I have until April 24th when my 60 days expire. My top dentures are great but the bottom are terrible. They are large and do not fit properly. The dental assistant told me I might have to have them relined.

I didn't make the dentures. They hurt my gums. I was told I had to pay for a reline when the things are not a month old. I think that should be at there expense not mine.

I intend to go back every day until they fit properly I am not responsible if they make errors on dentures. I WILL NOT PAY FOR A RELINE.

IF THIS IS WHAT THEY PROMOTE I THINK THAT IT IS A SCAM TO GET MORE MONEY OUT OF YOU. I agree that the receptionist is really a very caring person and she should be commended.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Affordable Dentures Pros: Receptionist was the best part of the visit.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Will never use them again.

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People always have trouble with the lower dentures. That is why we tell them over and over not to get all their lower teeth extracted.

Denture patients are hardheaded cheapskates and almost never listen.

Choose one and only one:


Good dentures fabricated with all the necessary steps.

2. Cheap dentures.

You cannot have both.

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