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I have to say I was worried about every twist and turn of this process. I am 32 years old and new from the start that I was going to have to have all my teeth removed over time.

I did a lot of research on line and read a ton of reviews. I am not a person with a lot of money and I drive a truck for a living. My insurance *** and it leaves me paying most of the bill. I turned to local dentists and it was going to cost a fortune.

I looked into affordable dentures. Read every artical I could find on Affordable Dentures and almost passed them up. I live in Lynchburg,VA and have a Affordaable Denture center 20 miles from my house. I called the office to get info and they were very unprofessional.

I asked alot of questions about pain ,after care, what ifs' and anything else I could think of. They could not answer half the questions I had to ask and also hung up on me once. I called back and they placed me on hold for 4 or 5 minutes. They got on the phone and started talking about what they wanted to order for lunch.....I hung up and said screw this type of place.

Luckily I continued to call other places and called Affordable Dentures in South Hill,VA (Dr. Michelle Smith). I called and asked every question I could. They gave me answers.

Described details and made me feel comfortable.

I went to Dr. Smith three days later scared out of my wits. I wlaked in and everyone was as friendly and nice.

You could never had imagined how nice everyone was. They called me back did x-rays and had the consult. He said that just about everything needed to be taken out. He explained what he wanted to do, how much things wouuld cost, and etc..

I did a molding and then came back after lunch to have the extractions. He kept me awake during the process which I thought would be torture alone but it was not. I had teeth that were broken,chiped,cut you name it I had it. I even had 2 impacted wisdom teeth which had been my majior complaint to begin with.

With in a hour Dr. Smith had removed all 28 teeth, 2 impacted wisdom teeth, and the other 2 wisdom teeth. I thought he had only began when he was done.....I was amazed at how gentle he was. I was shocked.

They talked with me the whole time and kept me comfortable. They placed some stitches in my gums and waited about a hour and place my dentures in my mouth and explained the after care. Gave prescription for meds. I left after majior oral surgery feeling quit well.

This is a 3 hour ride back home and my wife was worried because we were flying to Idaho in three days for vacation. The office called the next two days to check on me. I went back the day before vacation to have a soft liner placed in dentures. They were awsome.

Dr. Smith called while I was on vacation to check on me. I would not recommend every Affordable Dentures Office but if you can make it to the South Hill,VA office of Dr. Smith you will not be disappointed.

Awsome Dr. and staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Surgery.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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im planning to go to affordable dentures, i was a littl worried after reading reviews, but after reading yours, i feel a little comfortable, but im not going to have them extract my teeth, im going somewhere else

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