I've been a denture wearer for almost 10 years, I needed a new set. I went to affordable dentures in Kenosha, WI. because, well affordable. The first appointment the woman just stood there harping the benefits of dental implants. At $1,000.00 a piece, needing something like 5, ummm no, I'm here because 'affordable'. "No"..."are you sure because...", "we have credit you can apply for"...really pushy...I wish I could but no, can we move on to new dentures? Dentist comes in to talk to me, shows me the brightest tint which he knew was too yellow because he was saying, "this is my lightest shade, I think they'll look natural, I think you'll like them once set". Ok fine. My first pair weren't blinding white, but nice.

I go to the next appt. bright and early, you give the impression, wait in the waiting room and listen to a tv for over an hour talking about implants (yep), leave, come back, and see how they fit, make an appt. for the next day, (no they are not same day) Next day I get a call that the lab is late, can I come a half hour later? (3:30pm, they close at 4). Sure. I go and I wait over a half hour more. The dentist puts the bottoms in, adjusts them. He's busy the whole time with the woman about an order that she can't do, he must've went to try to order it and she was the one fitting my top. She literally just shoved it in like it would be perfect. I reached my arms up to go to pull her away, oh does it hurt? Oh yes, it hurts! She goes to dremel them. I can taste blood from her shoving them in. Over and over she's putting them in. He comes in, shuts down the computer (really? Sorry to make you late to go home?), finally comes back to start taking over fitting my top teeth....as he should, hello dentist. He gets them to fit better, shows me a mirror. They were really darker than mine, but whatever. "Ok good, I got your purse, let me get the door for you." He really said that. Did I mention I felt rushed? Ugh.

On to the teeth. I was in the car saying, they feel rough? It must be that weird powder my mouth was full of from lady retrying the fit. Nope, my teeth and gums are rough! I take the top out at home to put adhesive on, he put some on the bottom and on the 10 minute ride home they were falling out just from talking....these are realigned supposedly, I'm sure so they could push implants? The only other reviewer on yelp mentioned loose bottoms. Anyway, I have the top denture in my hand, I see a rough circle front center of one of the front teeth, what is this? I look and it's a rough circle of some sort, I see faint ones on some other teeth. What the heck? I take the bottoms out, the gum part between each tooth is rough, I see popped bubbles in the acrylic or whatever that material is....oh man, just ?! There are what look like gouges, lines, rough matte parts on a lot of the teeth upper and lower.

Needless to say I'm pissed! It's Friday and I can't do anything until Monday. I google seeing what their policies are, I see none, great. If they don't remake these "premium" teeth I paid for I'm going to be livid! All I see are others around the USA saying that affordable dentures in general just pump out the teeth without much care and that they just want a refund. I will say there were a lot of people coming and going day 1 so they definitely need to slow down to make better dentures.

So, yes it was horrible, go somewhere else! Looking at my old ones, they look so great, bright, defined, shiny, the gums look natural not bright pink (I paid for premium, with the natural looking gums, not). I wish I could attach photos to show the color, scrapes and weird circles from tools. I think they make you wait to wear you down so you don't notice the flaws. I'm wearing my old ones now, the new ones hurt as can be expected, but there is unbearable pain in 2 spots I can't sit with until whenever I can get an appointment. I'm highly upset and sad. I will update accordingly.

http://wtfteeth.blogspot.com Are where my photos are

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Will never use them again, Denture, Waiting for lab mistakes then rushed to leave, Technition not going over options, Dentist leaving me to be fitted by tech while he placed an order.

Location: Kenosha, Wisconsin

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That close up of denture teeth sure looks like cheap, even damaged, teeth! You got gypped.


the teeth they make are machine one size cheap plastic mostly yellow dentures, horse teet, ugly ugly!

Lisa W

their dentures are made by a machine, and look *** affordable really means cheap junky yellow non fitting teeth, sorry i got the same treament!


If you had good dentures to start with you did not "need" a new pair. You could have relined the old set for about 1/3 of what a new pair cost.

A complete reline takes about a day in the lab.

But of course you might not want to go to an honest independent dentist who will give you this option. You will probably just try another seedy corporate chain clinic thinking you will "save money."


haha wow. No, I NEEDED a new set, there are many reasons why, they don't last a lifetime.

I did go to an independent dentist in the end. Sorry I don't have all this additional dentist money like you to just spend as I want Mr.

DDS. Do you just spend your Sunday's reading reports on here?


Nah, I browse the website between treating patients. Reading comments like yours makes me grateful for the good patients I have.

You want cheap dentures and you want them in a jiffy from a third-rate denture mill.

Good luck with that! Making wearable dentures is a lot different than shopping for lawn mowers at Home Depot.

Prediction: Since you can't wear the cheap dentures you got now, you will next go to Aspen Dental or another hole in the ground looking for more cheap dentures, and find you cannot wear those, either.

Lisa W

i like your post!! your advise for me was spot on!


I wonder if ClydeDDS is actually a dentist. If so, I wish he would reveal his full name and that of his practice if he has one so that I would be sure to avoid seeing someone as rude and pretentious as he. Of course, he could simply be a troll, the internet is full of people who obviously have no life or nothing better to do than to harass and insult other people.


My dentures are off center the front teeth are a full tooth to left side ugghhh


Go back! Don't let the chop shop take your money!

Lisa W

they hang up or leave you on hold, conroe affordable dentures calls cops on unhappy clients, most of whom were scammed!

@Lisa W

there is a facebook group of mad customers, nothing ever happens, but it should.type in, AFFORDABLE DENTURES COMPLAINTS AND RESOURCES, sorry it's all caps, that's how the group is named.

Lisa W
@Lisa W


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