Went to the office two weeks ago. Had to sign a paper that "bad behavior will not be tolerated". Laughingly, I said, "I have never in my life had to sign such a form." They gave me another form that stated that no returns would be made on the money.

I was planning to get the ultra set of teeth, 1355.00 + x rays of 70.00.

I did not want to sign a paper stating there would be no return on my money spent. Afterall, I wanted my teeth to be made right and there was no guarantee for anything. I signed the paper by adding, "only if the teeth are made right." I was told by the one of

the people working there that I had to have an x ray which was not listed on the website as being compulsory. I went there with the money to buy teeth, but did not know I had to have an xray.

I called other Affordable Dentures and found out that no x ray was required. Xrays were apparently required by Dr. Cauley as extra benefits to gain money.

After coming back two weeks later, I was told that I had to resign one of the documents. The document could not have anything written on it by me stating, "I will pay only if the teeth are made correctly." Afterall, 1300.00 is a lot of money. The lady there, Carolyn, was very rude. She told me that, "maybe you need to see someone else." I signed the paper, had the x-ray and then was told that I had to see a specialist who specialized in prosthetics. When I called their office, I found out that the same teeth would cost $7000.00.

In my 70 years of seeing doctors, never have I seen a medical or dental practice so callous! So rude, so arrogant, and so distant from their patients!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Store Location: Summerville, South Carolina

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I experienced the same horrible service.

This is why people are terrified to see the dentist.

They can be nightmares.

I hope you found some nice teeth.

God Bless


Bad behavior caused by AD is all I can think of. I have had serious back surgeries and endured them all with bravery, so said my doctors;however, I could not endure A.D.


They must have found a bad conduct grade on your report card while you were in grammar school, and thought they might have a problem with your behavior.

Kidding aside, you really need to rethink getting dentures made cheap in a corporate clown club like this.

It really is irresponsible for a dentist to make a denture without seeing x-rays of the bone underneath. It is not for making more money.

Here is a news flash: $1355 is NOTHING for dentures.

For this price, you will get cheap teeth and many shortcuts. On the other hand, $7000 is quite a lot, although I am sure the specialist would do a really nice job.

Around the midwest where I practice, competent dentists charge about $3500 for a set of upper and lower dentures. Expect a good set of dentures to take 5 or 6 appointments to fabricate.

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