Worst experience have ever had. Went to Affordable Dentures first time for consultation had no idea I would have to pay before services rendered thought this was strange but like a fool done it anyway not having a clue that I was being ripped off and going to be treated like ****.Got impressions made which was a joke, *** assistant didn't know what she was doing and neither did the dentist.

Rudest bunch I have ever encountered. I pretty much was very nervous by this time knew things didn't seem professional but I thought oh well what the *** I am just panicking for no reason I thought I was just nervous about the whole thing because I have a phobia of a dentist and doctors offices. So I force myself to go on and see it through anyway hoping for a good outcome. I am running back and forth so much my head is spinning ,finally 4 days later I get the extraction done an all the while they are trying to get my Dentures fitted upper and lower.

They cant get them to stay in.

so by this time I am knowing I messed up big time and will not have a good outcome from this. So sure enough I went back today to try and see if they would be able to get my Dentures to stay in my mouth and the *** assistant comes running in the room throws my Denture up in my mouth with some kind of warm **** on it in the roof of my mouth and didn't even tell me what it was it began getting hot after a couple of minutes so I told her she was going to have to take it out it was getting too hot so she came back in and with a disgusted look on her face she snatches it out runs out of the room I wait about 10 more mins and I have seen and taken all I am going to out of this bunch of jerks,so I get up an tell them I have to go and they give me my Denture back and say there is nothing else they can do so I have called and am disputing the charge they have put on my credit card an am going back tomorrow an am going to ask for a full refund of 685.00 that I charged to my credit card and am going to tell them to reimburse my insurance company for the other half they paid and if they don't do it to small claims court I am going and I am going to complain to every place that I can on this pack of no account bunch they call a dental clinic.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

Store Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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I am 42 years old. 3 weeks ago Affordable dentures in Tuscaloosa extracted 16 teeth and made me temporary dentures all in the same day.

The dentist was GREAT his assistant was so/so nothing bad just her personality is a little dryer then I am but overall it was as good as it possibly could have went considering dentures are nothing like real teeth. I'm 100% satisfied and I would recommend my family and close friends to use them.

My exsperience was way better than I expected.


Sorry you had such bad experience but mine was very good there I'm not saying they don't make.mistakes, we all do only one perfect person That's Jesus Christ Dr Hancock and his staff are very friendly and caring They do their best with what they have to work with(my mouth is shaped bad) Maybe your phobia has something to do with your opinion and no one can please you

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