I went there today to get an evaluation/opinion. I was shocked when I went in and saw the number of people waiting to get dentures. The waiting room was overflowing (literally standing room only). It was like a health clinic in a third world country. I pressed on, I was there so I figured I would go ahead and get an evaluation so that I could compare with another group. (both appointments set up on same day) I should have ran away immediately.

They took my information and payment then the fun started. I sat there for 2 1/2 hours before getting in for my x-rays (by the rudest person I have ever encountered in a medical office). I was then returned to the waiting room and sat there for another 45 minutes. I would have / should have left but after-all they had my $100 so why not see it through. After all, the Dr. had to be a decent person right? He had a busy office. There must be something to this place?

Wrong again... In came the most arrogant Dr. I have ever met in my life. (I am not young either)

I could hear him talking to another patient and being a little rough but figured that maybe the patient was a difficult one and the doctor was running short of patience. NOPE!

He came in to the office and had the personality of someone that worked for the DMV (no offense meant to the DMV). It was very obvious that he did not give a rats behind about me or my teeth. He took a quick look (a very quick look) and said they all needed to come out. He wrote some notes on a paper and said that someone would be in to give me a price. He was gone.

The same very rude lady came in and gave me a price and told me where the desk was so that I could make an appointment.

I arrived at the desk and received my pricing. Not bad pricing I figured, but much more than the website leads you to believe. But OK! I would have gladly paid the price and made the appointment if I thought they were decent people. They are not.

By this time it was obvious that I would not make my other appointment. I called and apologized and changed to a later date. I asked the lady at the desk if she would ask the Dr. for a prescription for antibiotics (not pain meds) since I will be traveling for a week or so and already have some pain. I wanted to be sure that I didn't get a bad infection while traveling. She was very short with me (just short of being a smart butt) and said that if the doctor wanted me to have antibiotics that he would have given them to me. (if he had stayed in the room for more than 2 minutes I would have mentioned it to him) She would not go ask.

Side note: I did overhear a conversation between another patient and her friend that the doctor was very rough with her and that when she said something to him he got really short with her. (that sounds about right after meeting the doctor)

Bottom Line: if you need dentures cheap and don't care how you are treated.. Go ahead....

If you want someone who really cares about you as a person and what is best for your health. Don't go here. Period.

This place is the equivalent of a puppy mill, only they are pushing dentures instead of dogs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Nothing. Lesson learned..

Store Location: Pooler, Georgia

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1. Think VERY carefully before you get all your teeth out.

It is almost always a bad move. A couple of roots left in place make a world of difference.

2. Think VERY carefully about seeking dentures for the lowest price.

Making good dentures is complicated. You won't get decent ones for under about $1400 EACH.


Seasoned Dentist,

You are still alive? We have handpieces that run now without cables, and foot pumps.

Wait til you see them. And.... we can replace missing teeth with these new fangled things called implants.

They do have electricity now....even in Topeka. So you can stop practicing by candle light ;)


Don't preach to me, Current. I place Nobel Biocare implants in my office.

It's the patients that patronize places like Affordable Dentures that are behind the times. They still think getting all their natural teeth yanked out will be the ultimate nirvana.

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