Chesterfield, Missouri

When I went there to get the rest of what teeth I had left pulled, And get dentures, They were nice ad they could be. But try going back to get them adjusted..

They seemed pissed off because I came back. I lost my temper, Was gonna knock that dentist teeth out. Finally I got One of the girls who made the dentures to help me. She's the only one I'll let adjust them now.

It took me 2 months though. I couldn't eat, Lost weight. Now I need to go back because there's mold inside my upper dentures, And they need relined. Can't put enough glue in em to fit.

Now they Closed December 20th til January 3rd..

WTF..They should've notified their patients. I ain't had nothin but bad luck with them, And they lie about the cost.

It cost do much that I went ahead and got the premium package, So I could go back any time and it wouldn't cost me. If I didn't, It would've cost Everytime I went back.


Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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