I recently got 15 extractions and upper lower dentures. I was very please with my visit.

The receptionist were very nice, the nurses were very nice and helpful. The dentist was very gentle, I was so nervous about the process and honestly it was the easiest part. While the extractions were taking place, he told me step by step what he was doing and I really liked that because I knew what to expect. Even the shots weren't so bad.

He told me that he applies pressure near the area the shot would be given, the pressure he applied to a lot of feeling away from the shots. This was a very emotional process for me, and they really did a good job answering my questions, etc. The only thing I didn't like was the small amount of pain killers they gave me, it was only a four day supply and I was very sore and in pain much longer than that. And the time to get in for extractions/dentures was very quick, two weeks after my consultation it was e-day, but getting a appt.

For adjustment's takes a while. Luckily, they take walk-ins with $20 fee.

This as a four hour trip for me and overall I'm satisfied, I only have immediates right now and they loo like my naturals looked, I can tell there not as durable as permanents, but very nice to be made in four hours, dentures have came along way since my grandpas denture days :-) I would recommend this place, in fact I already have. Thanks have a blessed day.

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