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I paid $800 cash for a partial denture plate which took eight weeks to get them in. Then they replaced three missing teeth with only two in the plate.

Which made me look like a buck tooth rabbit leaving gaps on each side of the partial plate between my front teeth. When I said I wasn't happy with the way they looked the dentist was very rude and non professional stating "you look much better with the partial than no teeth at all". The dental assistant however was very nice. She seen how bad the work was on the plate so she got on the computer to find me a better dentist and printed out a page with other dentist names ,telephone numbers and addresses.

Then she told me I need to make a complaint about how I was treated and she herself kept apologizing for the rudeness of the dentist. Then I had to wait over a week for my refund. Because they didn't have the cash in the drawer to refund my cash I paid. Then when I finally did receive the check refund I had to wait another week to get my money because the check was from some bank in another state clear across the U.S.

So in other words they took my $800 dollars cash and I received no dentures and didn't get my money back for two and half months. Minus travel cost to this place two times which was about 130 miles.

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