My Affordable Dentures office will no longer answer telephone calls at their location. All calls are directed to the Patient Services main number.

I tried calling my local Affordable Dentures directly all day long only to have the call automatically directed to Patient Services. Patient Services then told me that I would have to contact my Affordable Denture Office personally because they could not answer my question and they could not schedule an appointment just to have a question answered. My only choice was to go there personally in order to ask a simple question so that I could then proceed with my treatment. When I got there, I was told that they will no longer answer any phone calls at their location.

Yes, that's right. They will not speak to any of their patients under any circumstances for any reason. I had a 2 minute conversation where I was told that the doctor would have to get with the Oral Surgeon and then they would call me back. That could have been done just by them simply answering the phone and talking to their patient.

Now, guess what? My Oral Surgeon can't get in touch with them either because they won't answer their phones. His office said, they too get automatically sent to Patient Services! His office has no way to contact Affordable Dentures.

I have already paid some money for services that have not been completed. I have no way to finish what has been already started because they refuse to answer phones and speak to their customers and patients.

It's the absolute, most ridiculous, poorest customer service policy that I have ever heard of. I can think of no other buisness, especially a Doctors or Dentist office that will not allow their patients to contact them about their care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you "proceed to treatment" there after all your communication hassles, you are retarded.

Luckily you got all these warning lights flashing. Please pay attention to them and go to a legitimate dentist, not a corporate *** show like Affordable Dentures.


Hi ClydeDDS; seems you changed your screen name. I recognize the tone toward another Affordable Dentures patient. You are a sad man.

Eva W

Not helpful, just insulting and crude.

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