I can relate to all the complaints here and then some. Especially the thick plastic raising the upper lip leaving it to dangle and curl inward. They kept telling me it was ok.

Well I never had a gummy smile before ever, and the temps I ended up with would make even Mr. Ed hang his head in shame.

Be careful of the relines you get too. They put way too much stuff in my top denture once which dropped it down even lower, making the Mr. Ed look even worse yet. I learned after awhile that the reason my dentures were always loose wasn't all because I was shrinking. Yes, I did shrink alot but the main problem for the constant looseness was an occlusion problem. The "***" wasn't right for my mouth. Kept trying to tell them, but to no avail.

Imagine somebody that lost a lot of bone on top and they give you teeth set directly over the ridge. And the gums look like tupperware bowls. I can't decide if I look more like Mr. Ed or a bulldog, or maybe a combination of both.

Store Location: Franklin, Kentucky

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Has anyone been affordable dentures in Madison al.


I'm so shocked at the bad reviews....so sorry so many had a bad experience.....i took my grandpaw to the one in tyler texas an we had a wonderful experience.....he had previously paid 3,000 for a set of dentures an they were horrible so we went to affordable detures an he got his dentures that same day an constantly says they are the best dentures he has ever had....i believe he had to go back for one adjustment but they were very courteous an fixed the problem immediately an if menory serves me correctly he obly spent $600.00....


Im kinda surprised also. I still have my first set of dentures and only paid like 600.

I had mine made at Owensboro. Aside from an adjustment I have never had any problems with mine.

And these things are abt 20 years old now. I am going to have them replaced this year and just hope my new ones last as long as these have.


i got partial made there it has only been trouble i have tried to tell them it does not fit right but they refuse to fix it i would refer them to anyone. the manager is the most rude one of all.


i got partial made there it has only been trouble i have tried to tell them it does not fit right but they refuse to fix it i would refer them to anyone. the manager is the most rude one of all.





Went for upper and lower dentures. Pd 875.00 for pkg.

what a mistake.

they re-lined after 3 wks because I couldn't keep in my mouth. They are huge-push out my upper lip and hurts my nose-too long-make me *** Stay away from Myrtle Beach, AFF Dentures.


Thanks,Ill check out Dental Works!


I can relate to all the complaints, I went to one up north in NY I bought the special package. The temp plate and then the perm.

one What a mistake. My temp I am forced to wear because the perm one is so thick that everyone ask me if I had been to a dentist because it makes my face look real fat.

I chalked it up to the fact I lived and I learned and now have to look like chipmunk until I can afford to go to a real dentist. Dont go unless you want a nice full face,and you dont mind taking your teeth out to eat.


I went there about 6 months ago and i cant even wear them they look way too big in my mouth i dont know how im going to replace them im so mad


Do not go !!! got dentures here a year ago and they never fit I have to use tons of glue all day just to be able to eat and now they broke into 2 pieces.



I KNOW EXACTLY how you feel! ME TOO! You described it exactly!

Do they go to school to teach them to do the same aweful job at all Affordable Dentures across the USA?

I looked like a "Planet of The Apes" cast off!!

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