Vineland, New Jersey
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First visit...poor fitting and poor looking...told to come back in a few months after gums heal. I did so and they made some minor adjustment.

It still looks awful but they said the only way they could improve it is IF I OPTED FOR A MORE EXPENSIVE PACKAGE. Then I agreed to a cleaning. They said I required a deep cleaning and it would cost $220 PAY IN ADVANCE. The whole job took less than 15 minutes and was just like any other prior cleanings I had.

I have a total of 11 natural teeth. When I called the corporate office I was told they couldn't help me. I explained I would be satisfied with a partial refund representing the difference between the cost of a regular cleaning (approximately $90) and the grossly inflated price I paid.

Long store short: I now am saving to see a regular dentist to get a properly fitted denture. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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This place sucks bad! Unproffessional Dr.

at the one I went to in partial was not fitting at all and it took me over a week of visiting that office for them to get it a lil right! I just gave up ...the Dr. seemed to not take the time I felt was needed to even get a clue of what was wrong...and she is very ruff!

The assistants were very kind and knowlegable of thier job, they were the only ones in that place that seemed to kno what was going on! Other then that I dont have anything good to say...what a disaster!


I'm having the same issue. They sold me a partial that doesn't fit right & its loose.

They told me to put denture paste & deal with the discomfort. Not their problem that I can't eat or smile.

My insurance paid for mine. I'll sit in their parking lot & discourage new clients.


Please give the office a call! You could also call 800-dentures and place a concern with them.

The 800-dentures call center will follow-up with the office to make sure your issues are resolved. We want you to be happy with your partial!


It is great you realized what happened, and learned that you really don't save any money at this types of places. For your info, no decent simple cleaning can be done in 15 minutes, much less a scaling and root planing.

For a patient with only 11 teeth, we would schedule 50 minute for a regular cleaning and 1 hour for a scaling appointment.

Also with this few teeth, many dentists reduce the fee for regular cleanings and scalings.

If your appliance look this bad, after healing is completed, I would just fabricate new partials instead of relining your originals.

Expect to pay at least $1400 EACH for a cast partial denture, and as much as $2000. (My fee is $1850.)

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