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HORRIBLE!!!! I went to affordable dentures in north Richmond.

First off I have a massive phobia from a childhood dental experience gone wrong. I searched online for an affordable solution to repair my teeth that offers iv sedation. The website says affordable dentures DOES offer this. I was not given any instructions prior to my visit.

So I show up at 8 a.m. And there was no wait. I was take. Right back where an X-ray was taken of my mouth.

Then the tech sets me in the dental chair and leaves. A few minutes later she return with a huge mouth tray full of pink stuff and says "open" and crams this awful things in my mouth and pushes down and walks off leaving this huge thing in my mouth (which is ice cold and my teeth are very sensitive to cold) tears start rolling because the rush of cold is very painful. She comes back after a few minutes and rips this thing out of my mouth. Then she says "we're going to have to do another one, this is no good.

I need you to hold still". At this point I asked her what the *** she was doing and what this is for. Only then she explains that this process is a mold. 5 mold attempts later (both tops and bottoms), the dentist comes in.

I can barely understand her English so I had no idea what her plan was. She never looks in my mouth. I try to explain my fears and ask her for sedation for the process. She said something and walked off.

The tech returns to tell me they do NOT offer sedation, just novacain shots. The dentist returns with yet ANOTHER tray and shoves it in my mouth for the 6th mold attempt. After that is complete the tech returns and hands me a List of denture package options and tells me to pick one. I chose the premium package for the new denture wearer.

She adds up all the prices, takes me to the receptionist and walked off. Receptionist bills me and tells me to come back later for the procedure. I return for the procedure and waited about half hour before I was called back. The plop me in the chair and swab my gums with a gel that tastes totally nasty.

Then the dentist comes in and gave me a series of 10 VERY PAINFULLY shots. I'm a total crying mess because of the pain. She didn't even wait for anything to take effect and attempted to pull the first tooth. I stopped the whole process at this time because I could feel everything!!!!

She says something and walks over to the patient in the next room. This poor lady next to me is crying and wants a refund. I hear the entire argument between them. Then I hear the dentist and tech totally berate this woman and also made comments about me.

Dentist returns and I asked for the tech to come in so we all completely understand each other. I explain that I am terrified, they take my blood pressure (108/184)....they give me some valume and tell me to calm down. They lay me back and turn the lights off. From here on they were very nice and compassionate.

After another half hour went by they returned for more novacain shots and were able to extract my teeth. There was no pain this time. The dentist put the temporary denture in my mouth and told me I did good and I was brave (at least I think that's what she said). She told me all the stitches would fall out in time.

That I can come back for a better fit later. They gave me printed out directions and left the room. I went home and as the numbness wore off, I realize that this temporary denture doesn't even come close to fitting!!!

At this point I'm so scared to return to them I have no idea what I'm going to do. My advise to anyone seeking dental care, shop around and read all reviews before making a choice!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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