Granite Falls, North Carolina

Afford Dent Conover, NC (04/13-11/14) They Suck in all aspects!! Bagley has no beside manner, rushes so he can hurry to his lunch break, doesnt read chart on what needs to be done...Williamson is just as bad like he's scared and like fresh out of some type of Dentist *** school and constantly says " oh, Im not saying that or " oh, I didnt say that." Wasted money w that consult cause he told me nothing I didnt already know!

Idiots! The office bumps up appts without checking w you first or changes the day! Im so livid w this joke of an office since my first appt in 2013! Partial was screwed up by Bagley rushing ...Maestro tried to make a new one that day and even that turned out warped and has caused me "daily" headaches for over a yr and on top of wearing against two of my other teeth that were


Im a cash pt and the hurry up and wait BS is rediculous! Got my fiance' in and for teeth to be pulled and they screwed his appt time and day up without notification prior and they pulled out part of his upper jaw scull with his molar and we have the tooth still! RIPPED his gum up totally and that was last wk and they screwed it up so bad he required more than 7 stitches and has parts of bone coming out---not tooth...jaw/skull! Pathetic as so called dentists!

They all perform like they are scared! They just tried to tell me my appt was bumped up to 7:30 tomorrow a.m and it was scheduled for 9 a.m wks ago due to job hrs and available transportation! Really! Are u kidding me?!!!

I WENT OFF! Beyond my norm! Pissed and Im done w this *** office after teeth pulled tomorrow as Im getting my perm partial(Valplast) after a yr and a 1/2! DONE!

Going to go back to the REAL dentist I had and dropped for this BS group! Just last wk a woman was in there pissed off because either Bagley or Williamson(both are black) pulled the wrong tooth out of her daughters mouth...and this mother was in her early 50's! The poor people that are dealing with this BS as well as my experience is enough to require shutting down this pathetic office! Totally livid!

Watch yourself and BE LEARY and stand your ground! Go to a real dentist!

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So why did you leave your dentist to go to a clinic like this?

Sometimes part of the maxilla (part of the skull) breaks off when a tooth is extracted. The lesson is to take care of one's teeth and not have them extracted.

@Seasoned Dentist

The only tooth I lost is because a dentist drilled into theroot. The tooth abcessed.

He kept telling my mother cavities, cavities, cavities. Went for a second opinion. Said tooth was beyond saving. Second opinion dentist revealed NO cavities.

LYING, CROOK. I was 14. Fortunately, mouth was over crowded, so no appliance needed.

Not the tooth the good dentist would have removed, but no choice. You sound like a pompous ***.

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