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I went to Affordable Dentures yesterday and here is what I experienced : I am a medicaid patient. I feel as though I was not treated as well as others because of this.

The staff was friendly. The dentist, not so much. When she gave me 2 shots that slid under my upper lip into both nasal cavites, she told me not to yell as not to scare the other patients. I didn't yell but it was excruciating and she did not warn me before hand that it was going to be so painful.

Then when it was time to pull my teeth, she came in alone. She let the blood pool up in the back of my throat with no suction. She then told me to stop gurgling because I was spewing blood out all over me and her! I had 11 teeth pulled at once.

I could smell the blood and hear the cracking and I started shaking uncontrollably. I finally had to push her hands from my mouth and ask for a break. She had no compassion at all. The final 2 teeth to come out is when she decided to get someone to suction my mouth.

I almost threw up. I could hear them in the room next to me, (after my bout in ***), offering a non medicaid patient juice because he wasn't feeling well. Not once did anyone come to my room and ask if I was ok or how I was feeling. One person did come and take my pulse monitor from my finger and said she needed it for someone else and she would bring it right back.

I never saw her or my pulse meter again. I laid in a room by myself for 45 minutes with Noone checking on me. I have never experienced anything like this before. I am traumatized.

I am shaking as I relive what happened and writing this down. My husband went to AD and paid cash. They rubbed his gums with a topical anesthetic before the shots. He had a much better experience than I did.

I know I was not treated the same due to my financial position. I feel like I was treated as a 2nd class citizen

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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