Kowloon, Hong Kong

I was worried about all that I had read about Affordable Dentures. But then I didn't have much choice. I had been putting off having my teeth dealt with for a number of years and I had no money or insurance. They were the cheapest. When I arrived I found them to be very helpful. We made a plan and they made no effort to force me into I more expensive package. I chose the cheapest the economy new wearer package. But the costliest part of the procedure was the extractions of all my teeth (28 in all).

The surgery was fine: nothing special. Everything was explained to me. Yes, you have to wait around quite a lot. One thing I appreciated was that they treated me in a way that made getting dentures completely normal and everyday.

I was surprised how quickly the extractions were done. Yes, the dentures felt strange and I have had to try to adapt to them. It has not been without discomfort. I have now been wearing them for two months and have had a couple of soft relines. My dentures are working better and my gums are healing. After the first few days I have had no sore spots but I have had a few bone spurs, but they work themselves out.

Overall I think I have received an excellent service and value for money.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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