Savannah, Georgia

I went to Affordable Dentures in Savannah/Pooler GA to have my last ten teeth pulled and get their best "New

Denture Wearers Package Ultra". I paid $2153.00 before any work was done. Keep in mind that this was my last ten teeth, so over many many years, I had 18 other teeth pulled at one time or the other, with that being said,I

have NEVER experienced such maltreatment,pain,agony,humiliation and violated in my life. The dentist does not

recognize you as a human. The shots were excruiating, larger needle, jammed needle hard in the roof of my mouth, over and over, then with no concern at all, jammed needle in lower front gums and under tongue. I was in full tears by the time he was done with the shots. He came back in about 20 minutes, I managed to tell him that one of my front teeth was not numb, I could still feel the gum tissue around that tooth. He said nothing,then started ripping my teeth out, as you might yank a rusty nail out of an old piece of wood. When he got to the tooth that I told him wasn't numb, he tried to rip it out, I just about came out of the chair and he said "don't do that,tooth broke in half and I got to bet the other half" To make a long horrid story shorter, he ripped out 10 teeth in 6 to 8 minutes, sent home with an economy denture that you can actually see through the pink resin on the upper and lower denture. Because of the way he tore out my teeth, I had to spend more money to see another dentist because of severe pain, I thought pieces of teeth were left in my gums, I could feel protrusions throughout, turns out it was bone.I had to spend $1900 more to see an oral surgeon have both upper and lower gums cut open, remove all the bone pieces and smooth out the upper and lower bone the best they could and get it all sutured up. As of today 6/26/2012 the roof of my mouth still hurts to even suck on a popsicle, the pathetic economy dentures they sent me home with do not fit, because of all the work the oral surgeon had to do, it changed the shape of my gums, I have no teeth, no dentures and still in pain. Animals are treated better than I was. He never even said ,"I'm Dr. Selders. Through out the entire torture, I never said a word, I was in total shock, and pain and having been in a dental chair many times before, I trusted him. But never again, it took all I had to go to another dentist, then to go to an oral surgeon. I was scared to death and cried at both places,mostly from fear and pain. I'm not a baby, I have a very high pain tolerance! So, when I say I was in alot of pain, you can believe, the pain was excruiating! I have called and emailed Affordable Dentures main office and as of today, they have not responded what so ever, that is how concerned they are. I am out $4230 and the dentist nor Affordable Dentures could care less. I would recommend Affordable Dentures anywhere, to my worst enemy. Please,please beware!

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Yeah..Old Doc Selders is still there with the same rude, uncaring and impersonable attitude he showed the posters here. Rammed a big old needle in my mouth so fast and rudely without one iota of compassion.

Never greeted or said a word, for the most part, even when I tried to be cordial. Then he ripped out a few teeth and I swear it was under 20 seconds. The tool he used I had never seen before and looked like a small rib spreader. I heard some bones, or teeth crunching and I am hoping he didn't leave me with some real discomfort and agony down the road..It remains to be seen as it was only yesterday.

The temp denture seems tight and isn't creating a problem for me as of yet. Although they do seem big and I am choking and gagging on them some, even though I wore a partial for 35 years or more, but they do look nice. But then again the remaining chiclets and partial, I was sporting for years were pretty darn awful and even a toothless mouth with no replacement would likely have been better. Most of the office staff, including Dr Selders could sure use a few lessons in interpersonal skills as they are in a customers service oriented business.

It would probably help their reviews and promote a little more business. Although It seemed as though the doc was a little more friendly to people who weren't old white people as I could hear him interacting with others before me. Maybe he is just a bit racist?

LOL I have to see if I can search that "tool" he used on me. I don't think he could have gotten those teeth any faster with a hammer..


I had the very same experience with that place and very dentist. I also had to visit another dentist to have the bone in my lower jaw filled down and the gum sutured closed because it was left totally open.

The front office staff was rude and Dr. Selders is in fact a butcher and his bedside manner is less than desirable! It doesn't do a bit of good to contact anyone from the corporate number.

Each Affordable Denture location is independently owned. They basically can do as they wish and get away with it.


I just experienced the same thing yesterday Dr. Chris selders I had 11.

My face is bruisen and swollen. Horrible place


I can attest to this posters review.

This doctor has no concern whatsoever for his patients comfort.

He is very unfriendly , doesn't even greet a person. He extracted a tooth of mine and gave me absolutely no advice on what to do to care for the open wound afterwards.

He just yanked the tooth out and walked away without saying a word .

I would rather pay more and go to a dentist that take his job seriously . This guy should not be practicing on humans


I feel for you.I went through something similar, but without the pain. Paid for the better set of dentures, but they never fit.

After one week they were relining the upper dentures. Still they did not fit and could never wear the bottom.

Sent letters and email to corporate and never received a reply. Before I go back to them I will go without.


So Sorry To Hear This Happened To You!!! I'm Glad I Read This!!! Thanks For The Warning!!!


Omg I almost went here with a toothache to save money. thanks for the heads up


Thank you for this information, I almost made an appointment for a family member. I will not make one now.


I went to Affordable dentures in early march, The company represented that they could replace 2 teeth partial, known as a Nesbit in one day. I had xrays , from a previous dentist who was 200 miles away.

They said they could give me the tooth replacement for $300.00. After I was in their xray room,( no full mouth xrays shown in sections, only one shot.I wanted to leave but I was pushed into a dental chair, the male practitioner looked at my mouth,and said "you have your teeth intact and we cannot give you a partial without stretching the connection across your mouth." He said they could not provide service.

I could not leave until I paid $100,00 plus for one xray.When I returned home, I found that the practitioner had also charged $60.00 to my credit card. I will take them to small claims court.


file a complaint with the better business bureau. You should be be able to get your money back. I feel for you.


I would "NOT" recommend Affordable Dentures anywhere is what you meant to say.


Turn them over to better business bureau


I feel like these places are like cattle herders, get em in, pull the teeth, get em out with plastic dentures that do not fit and never will! The more I think about the money I have spent the last two years trying to figure out why my face hurts the madder I get!! I am preparing to spend an additional 2600 on new teeth from a good orthodontist and hope I can put Affordable dentures behind me, what a waste of time and money!!


I would definitely report them to the State Dental Board - I had a very similar experience here at the Columbus, Ohio Affordable Dentures and am currently in the process of reporting them for their treatment and incompetence.

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