On April 24th, 2011, I had a single tooth extraction, as well as a partial lower denture made at Affordable Dentures in Lima, Ohio.

The Dentist was a Dr. Cline. I was not given a local anesthetic as you would expect, only a spray on the gum area. The Dentist tried to pull the tooth and broke it in half. After excruciating pain, he then pulled the second half. All of this without proper Novocaine or medication. He said "you can stand a lot of pain can't you?" After that, he then attempted to fit the partial plate that this company made for me. It did not fit and was shabbily made.

I tried to insert this partial plate one time before I went to bed and it broke. I certainly wouldn't have been able to eat with this partial! All of this exasperating experience and excruciating pain for the amazing low price of just $410.00! I instantly contacted their corporate office and left a complaint.

Now, I have to go to a real dentist to have this botched procedure corrected and have a new partial plate made. One that fits and one that won't break the first time I wear it. Never call Affordable Dentures! This company is neither affordable or pleasant to deal with.

Store Location: Dayton, Ohio

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thanks- for posting. I was wondering what the downsize is.

Sorry for your pain.

I have had dentist work on a tooth without proper pain medication and I wonder if it is malpractice. To cause such pain.


what did the headquarter told you ?

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