Don't waste your time.went in Ocoee fla.They did not have any Dentures for me to look at.That should have been my first sign.They made my Dentures in 3 hrs.The top & bottom did not fit.They kept working on them was still not right my gums began to bleed & was hurting.after a hour or so I just said forget it.I got my money back.The. short fat nurse was very rude.Take my advice don't go affordable Dentures.O the Dentures looked like those you get at Halloween.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Winter Park, Florida

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Well I know I like to look at the different teeth that are being offered for sale. The more expensive the price the better quality material is supposed to be used as teeth along with picking a shade of color that you want.

Have never been to a office that didn't show you a set from each price range along with the various colors. If you get pure white teeth they look fake, so you want to look at the ones that have a small amount of fade to them to look real.


If you want to look at different tooth shades, you look at a shade guide, like every good dentist has. Price has nothing to do with what color the teeth are.

All shades of teeth in a particular brand of teeth cost the same.

There are many other things that make dentures look natural other than shade. Mainly setting the teeth a little crooked, or with some spaces, like 99% of natural teeth in humans have.

Decent dentists don't have "lines" of dentures. It is not like you are going to a Chevy dealer.

You are have a custom made prosthetic made for your body. You are not shopping for an auto.


I don't understand. You know what dentures are.

Why would you have to look at dentures? What would it tell you? You can't tell the difference between cheap denture teeth and expensive ones just by looking.

You think decent dentures can be made in 3 hours??? What planet do you live on?

They take 5 appointments PLUS adjustments, and that is a minimum if everything goes perfectly.

Try a month and a half to get it done.

A guy like you is a sheep ready to be fleeced. My guess is your next appointment will be at a shyster joint like Aspen, Coast, Great Expressions, or Western.


For one thing...its obvious...You are exceptionally judgemental. .which is a sure sign. .nothing is going to suit you.Just the line an wording of..."The short fat nurse," which had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with your teeth...showed your inconsideration and lack of feelings for those who tried.My heart aches for the pain and unconcerned thoughts if others.

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