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I have worn dentures for many year. I know what they are suppose to feel & look like.

The impressions were taken off of my existing dentures, never have i done this in the past.

My imressions have always been made by a mold placed in my mouth off of my gums.

I Came back for wax fitting, i had concerns, the teeth in the wax we very large. I was told dont worry they will fit & look great.

Final fitting, it was like putting HORSE teeth in my mouth, they didnt fit.

The teeth were LARGE, the bottom plate looked like it was made for a 4 yr old.

After an hour of frustration on both parts, " mine " & the dental staffs, the teeth still didnt fit, i made a comment to the dentist that they werent even my teeth, his jaw dropped & realized i was correct, they werent mine.

Another set was made, i had to come back another day.

AGAIN HORSE TEETH, i have a large glob of uneven plastic, with extremly large teeth.

The appointment was late in the day, the staff wanted to go home & the dentist was once again frustrated..


I have a 1,200.00 dollars worth of worthless plastic.

I have been made to feel responsible, & hard to please, he & his staff were critisizing me in another room, but i could over hear them.


Big glob in a plastic container is what i came home with.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are right. If you make the master cast from the original denture (without relining the denture), they are not going to fit any better than the original denture did.

It's a shortcut they took.

Why the shortcut? Well, you DID want cheap dentures. That is why you went to this fleabag clinic. $1200 is cheap even for one denture.

To add to that, apparently they did not try in a tentative setup in wax to let you preview the arrangement.

Another shortcut!

Choose only one:

1. Cheap dentures.

2. Carefully constructed dentures.

You can only have one choice. Cheap dentures that are carefully constructed over 5 or 6 appointments do not exist.

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