I went I to the office in yackama WA affordable

dentures. I also got the better expensive set of lower partial. I was told I had to go up to a more expensive set so I could have teeth that were the same shade of my others. The dentist Dr

Gooss,never took the time to tell me my opptions, he was cold, rude, careless, and I bet with out a doughty never changed his gloves, from one paychunt to the next. Your hurled through your appointment as if you were a pack of cattle. My temporary partial was made and I never realized they had put 5 lower front teeth to fill the gap. I was sent home and given another appointment 30 days later to have the permanent partial fitted. The temporary broke and when I request to get it fixed, I was told I must wait tell my next appointment. Mind you, the hole amount In which I had to pay, had been payed in full prior to getting the work done. I am 15 months still waiting to get my parcel. I was told by the receptionist, that my final set was thrown away due to them saying they tried to call me, but the number was no longer in service. Not so. I was told it was against the law to be given the partial of which I paid all up front for, and would need to start all over agine with a fitting. I still have a broken partial in my mouth nearly 500.00 dollers later, and the second time they quote repaired it yet it cracked in the same place. I now live in Idaho Wa, and still have yet to get the permanent set.

I have never had such a crappie experience, nor been given the run around, nor be treated and spoken to my there office help, like I have there.

One person asked, So why did you go to a cut rate dentist. Because I didn't have a lot of money to go to one of these Top Rate dentist.

You get what you pay for.. Right? Wrong. People should have the right to a nice smile, even if it's considerably less money. Shame on the treatment these people that are employed, and this So Called Doctor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Post Falls, Idaho

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Obviously, ClydeDDS & others like him have no sense of fair, decent & MORAL standards when it comes to that almighty dollar!


We give good service and we must charge accordingly. Otherwise we would go bankrupt in short order.

You want to pay a Kia price, you will get a Kia and not a Rolls Royce.

Same is true in any other line of business. Obviously you took economics under Barrack Obama instead of a reputable professor.


Have not heard of the "right" to a nice smile. Perhaps you can tell me where that is in the Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence.

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