While all in all i can say i now smile with confidence and love my new teeth, the dentist who runs this place is a whole different atory. She is extremely extremley rude and bedside manner is the absolute worst ive ever encountered.

She did not let me get numb and i was yelping in pain and she threatned me that there are other people in the office and if i didnt stop i would have to find someone else to pull my teeth and she was gonna leave me laying there with already half the teeth out of my mouth. I had to have 15 teeth pulled thats what they billed my insurance for and two of them she refused to do and referred me to an oral surgeon adter she threw her hands up in the air at me. I was crying and apologized over and over and got treated with the utmost disrespect.

She needs to go or be taught how to handle people in such distress. She could care less

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Mary Esther, Florida

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Please who ever see this send me your layer for a class action suit we have to bond together and get them out of practice. They are scammmmmmm...ers.Lets Stop them


What do u need me to do. I'm in


Wow! What patients will go through to trying to save a buck!


Trying to save a buck? Do you know how expensive this kind of thing is?

I put my faith and trust in this place and that's what I got. Are you a dentist? Would you treat your patients this way? You would be out of business if you did.

How about this. Have someone put u I that chair and pull all your teeth out, then you can tell me how it feels,k?


You put your faith and trust in a sleazy corporate dental outfit because you stupidly believe something very complicated can be bought very cheaply. You lost your teeth because you are a hardhead.

It is a shame that you suffered pain from this butcher during surgery, but you were a nitwit to want all teeth removed in the first place! Saving strategic teeth and having a partial denture made at a reputable dentist would have saved you a ton of money, but there is no way anyone could convinced you of it.


Ummm excuse me? I lost my teeth due to a car accident!!

I'm a single mother who works full time to provide for myself and my child! If u look at my original comments u would see I am THRILLED with my new smile, HOWEVER u *** the dentist needs to be TAUGHT bedside manners and NO ONE should be treated that way paid services or not!. So before you go judging someone about WHY their teeth HAD to be removed in my case due to AN ACCIDENT, you better make sure your hands are clean!

Maybe one day u will have an "accident" and WON'T HAVE A CHOICE. GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY MY FRIEND!

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