Im am currently not satisfied with my final denture. Theyre to bulky for my mouth not to mention I look like a horse.

I addressed my complaints with the office but theyre basically telling me theres nothing they will do about it bc they think it looks fine. I paid for the dentures and seeing as im the one whos going to be wearing them my opinion is the only one that should matter. Im am very self conscious and my new teeth are very ugly on me and not natural looking at all.

Please help me to straighten this matter out. They should just start over.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Store Location: Germantown, Maryland

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I went to affordable dentures in Bedford. I had a full denture put in the top.

Took awhile but after about a year, they finally fit good. I then decided to get the mini implant on top. What a horrible decision! They are painful and so bulky that I now have a permanent lisp!!

I can’t eat solid food and I dread taking them in and out to clean. I also have a bottom partial they did. It has never fit right, it hurts to put it in or wear it to long. Not to mention it looks like one of my back teeth are still missing on one side and the teeth on that side are not lined up right.

It takes forever waiting to get called back and when you finally are, they are in such a hurry to get you out, the job is *** so you’ve know choice but to come back another day to wait again. It’s not that hard.

I paid more than my share of rent on that building now to be taken seriously and be treated right. I just want it all to look and work right!!!


To me, the middle of your teeth are notably off to the left of your face.There is no simulated wear on the teeth, so they look like teeth that a very young person would have.The tooth size is a little large for the size of your face, and the edges of the upper teeth look positioned too far down to me.Getting teeth positioned properly in a new denture is not that easily. It is why most good dentists refer to photos of the patient's smile when she was young had had her natural teeth.

That gives them clues about where the denture teeth should be positioned.

A good dentist and a good lab tech working together can do a fantastic job making a patient's smile look natural. Taking all these steps requires time, however, and the cost is not cheap.


I think they look very good! Sure don't look like horse teeth to me!!


I'm sure they couldn't help that you look like a horse!


I suggest next time go with a custom or above denture, that away you get a wax try in to preview what the denture will look like.


From this poor quality photo I don't see anything wrong with the way the denture looks, and I have made thousands of dentures. Your smile looks natural to me.

If you are dissatisfied, you have to find a picture of the type of smile you are aiming to have. It could be with the way your jaws and lips are built, the smile you want is impossible to acheive.

Elizabeth H

That is not true, I took a few pictures with me to get a custom set and no, that does not help at all.


You need to get your money back and return dentures. You are right, it is up to you to decide if the dentures fit properly and look good. If they won't refund money take to small claim court.


maybe you thought you're new dentures would make you beautiful, no honey. The teeth look perfect to me.


You people are ***, I would like to see photos of your ugly *** faces, actually no I don't. Stop projecting your insecurities onto her.

How nasty of person do you have to be to respond with such ugliness ,when all she is doing is voicing her experience. Nothing more.

It's people like you that make this world a *** place. Wish awful, hateful people like you could be rounded up and executed one by one...now that would be a beautiful sight to see


I agree..these comments of replies to our complaints are possibility from ppl whom work for that company.

Elizabeth H

Sounds like a plan to me since they said absolutely no refunds.

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