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I used this place to have my teeth removed and to get dentures. I chose the new denture wearer package which comes with an immediate set of teeth, relines, a rebase, and once healed a permanent set of dentures.

The temporary set was a mess. I couldn't close my mouth without looking like I was trying to hide something inside due to the huge curve in the denture and the teeth were a bit too small. I tried to make them work but just couldn't get by with them. After I healed I went back to get my permanent set made, and that was a nightmare!

The top denture was so loose it would fall out. I asked if I could have a reline to help with fit and the tech flat out told me no! She proceeds to tell me they don't guarantee a proper fit. The bottoms were even worse, they were way to big and didn't line up with the top denture...everything sat off to the left including the teeth.

I told them they were horrible and the only thing she could say was that's what you wanted! I told her I paid a substantial amount of money for natural looking teeth that would fit not some hillbilly *** that made me look as if I'd had a stroke. They told me to try them out and if they didn't work out to come back for a refund. I lasted one day with them!

I went back in and told them I wanted my money back, which they only have me half of by the way. One of the receptionists asked for both my permanent and temporary sets of teeth which I have her upon request. She took them to the back and came back trying to tell me the screwed up bottom teeth were my temporary teeth. This kind of ticked me off because she thought I wouldn't notice but I did and voiced my opinion about it.

Mind you I was completely nice about the whole situation until they tried to pull one over on me. By this time the local police had been called out. I had to laugh when they showed up. I told the officer the problem and that all I wanted was the correct set of teeth and my refund and explained what they were trying to pull.

With the officers help I got everything corrected and went about my way. I will say that the dentist never smiles at you, never greets you, and acts like he's got better things to do than to treat you as a patient. The staff tries to rush you and are extremely rude.

This office shows no compassion whatsoever. I'd advise taking your money to someone who actually listens to their patients needs and desires because this office is a nightmare!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Duluth, Georgia

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Guess you should have listened to all the dentists during your life that urged you to save your teeth. Of course, you thought dentures would be nirvana, didn't you?

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