I had 11 top teeth - this includes three good jaw teeth on the top. Three near the front had bad cavities. The rest were all good teeth. I had talked to several people with dentures. They were all very satisfied with their dentures and explained that they have no problems eating, talking, or swallowing, and that they don't have to use glue or sticky pads to keep their dentures in. They all loved their dentures, so I decided to go and have all 11 top teeth pulled and have a set of dentures made. One of the worst mistakes I've ever done in my lifetime. I've had to deal with this JUNK in my mouth for over 2 months. I have lost 14 lbs due to malnutrition because I simply cannot chew or eat with them. The dentist just broke some of my teeth off where oral surgery should have been done on a few. Instead of getting the broke pieces out or at least grinding the sharp pointed edges down, he just pulled the gum over top of the sharp edges and put stitches in them. Now the sharp edges are cutting down through my gums into my dentures. The sharp points have now cut completely through my gums, and I am having to get ahold of those sharp points with needle-nose pliers and break them off. I am probing IN the holes with micro screwdrivers and digging out the shattered pieces and using tweezers to probe in the holes to find the shattered pieces and pull them out, cutting the holes even bigger. The shattered and broken pieces are too big to come through the hole.

Bear in mind, some of the broken pieces I'm breaking off are coming out very GENTLY. The pieces he broke and left are the ones that are too big to come out of the hole and are the ones that are cutting my gums and making the holes bigger. I have discovered now by feeling and probing in the hole that's in the SIDE of my gums that the whole tooth is still there. I am probing it and feeling it from the inside of my gum over top of the tooth clear to the other outisde gum and discovering the whole tooth is still there! There are no holes in my bones where the long roots of the teeth were supposed to be pulled out - they're STILL IN THERE. And so is the entire tooth. All he did was bust the top of the tooth off leaving sharp, pointed edges like the tip of a sharp knife, which are now cutting completely through my gum from pressure being pushed up from the dentures.

This man is clearly not a dentist. This man is a butcher. I can tell you there is no doubt in my mind I have never been to dentist schooling, but I could do a far better job than this man or the lady dentist that works with him can even begin to do. And yes, they are in a giant hurry to get you in. They'll make an appointment for you the day you call to PULL YOUR TEETH and replace them with same-day-dentures. But when you need to return for adjustments, you sit in the waiting room a half a day. They spend five minutes with you explaining the biggest bunch of hog malarkey you'll ever hear in your life, and every adjustment they make is the total opposite of what you explain to them needs to be done. They don't take time to listen to you. If you need one side grinded, they grind the opposite side. If you tell them there's a bur at the root of the tooth, they will stick your dentures on a belt sander and will sand the whole side of the tooth down to get that little micro-bur off! So then you no longer have a jaw tooth - you then have a thin, very sharp wedge tooth that is far thinner than the FRONT TEETH!!! When you *** down to chew something on that tooth, you discover that that tooth is going down over or behind your bottom jaw tooth on the outside. It no longer even touches or aligns with your bottom jaw tooth. IMPOSSIBLE to chew any type of food anymore. And I can go on with many other complaints and other things that they SPITEFULLY do to you just to GET RID OF YOU and try to encourage YOU to not come back and bother them anymore because they are too busy pulling out other people's teeth and doing them the same way. It's not about satisfying the customer anymore - it's all about the money.

Why are so many of these problems occurring with all of the patients? I have come to one conclusion: They take molds in your mouth, but that is an affront. Here's what I think they're doing: I think they're ordering complete sets of false teeth from a factory (most likely from China), small, medium, and large sets. They are taking your molds to get an idea of which set would fit you best, and that's what you get. That's the only way that they can pull 10 people's teeth in one day and stick a set of dentures back in your mouth the same day. It's just not possible to pull all the teeth from so many patients in one day and make you a new set of dentures the same day that will fit properly.

These dentists are committing malpractice and, without a doubt, negligence. I am going to pursue filing a class-action lawsuit against this dentist office. If anyone wants to jump aboard with me, please call me and leave me a message on my answering machine: who you are and what it's about. Ask for "Lonnie". My phone number is: (423) 878-7080. I will be very excited and very gracious in hearing from you. Don't get left out of this class-action lawsuit. Hurry and call. My lawyer will need to know all the people and their names that want to be aboard this class action lawsuit. Thank you very much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

Location: Bluff City, Tennessee

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Lonnie Lowery is this you???


Seems like this MJN beitch works for affordable dentures. Don't worry the internet and review sites have at least saved a few people from their butchery.

I was gonna go there but was smart enough to do research.

Decided against this place. Good luck I hope you win your lawsuit, and these scammy places get shut down and lose their licenses

Glenda M

OMG. My face was smashed by a drunk driver.

Some crowns came off and I had all of my root tips and teeth removed. I felt in the holes and it felt like the root tips were still there. They told me to quit doing that as what I was touching was MY JAW. OMG you are actually digging around in your bone and taking pieces out?

Stop and see a dentist! If you cannot afford it go to the ER and get it fixed. Regarding a lawsuit.

You would want to take each person individually to get the most amount of money and to run all of the individual people one after another by the same jury. After, of course, you explain how you used common tools to loosen and to extricate pieces of your own jaw.

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