Martinez, Georgia

My experience at Affordable Dentures - Augusta, GA

I had 17 teeth pulled at one time then they slapped the temp pair of dentures in my mouth and sent me home.

A week later I was back in their office complaining about the ill fitting dentures. I told then the top denture doesnt fit the roof of my mouth. They took them to the back and put a soft liner on and brought them back. I told them I needed more room in the roof of my mouth, not to pack in another soft liner to fill in the gap!! The didnt seem to care and went on about their business like I was ***!!

The gums are too light, the upper dentures looked like my denture gums were swollen..the top of the teeth going into the gums are triangelar. The gums are also so thick it pushes my upper lip out. When I have both upper and lower dentures in, I look like a Planet of The Apes cast off!! Too many teeth for my little mouth...they arent even shaped right....because of that, I have to put tons of adhesive on the upper plate to get a good suction on the roof of my mouth. They dont go in all the way which cause my upper dentures to fall down. When I smile, all you can see is denture gums!!

They assured me that my perm set will be much better but from what I have been reading on this website, it doesnt get any better. I should try to get a partial refund! I plan to do just that next week!!!

Do yourself a favor and go to a GOOD dentist who makes dentures. DONT GO TO AFFORDABLE DENTURES anywhere in the USA. They may not even be REAL dentist!!! I didnt see any diplomas!! Might be worth checking out!!

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Everyone s

This CHAIN of idiots should be shut down. I am going to work on that ;)


I know exactly how you feel I went there a year ago to have my upper teeth pulled they pulled half and half between Dr. Wells and the one there before him my upper jaw is in pretty bad shape I had to return several times and mostly few times a week to get bone picked out of my upper gum till this day I still cannot wear my upper plate because my gum line looks like a roller coaster and I still have bone fragments sticking out with open nerve endings in places which is painful at timesand the upper plate is so crooked looks like a blind ape made them couldnt find a lawyer to help me and the corporate office was no help because they told me that they were just more or less a landlord or rental agency for them I wish you luck because I sure as heck didnt get any wish that I could find a way to file some kind of lawsuit against them if you know please let me know my email address is ldbak08ataoldotcom

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