Well I have been needing to have all my teeth pulled for years. I finally get the chance and the only place I found that would accept medicaid was Affordable Dentures...

so my fiance and I left the house at like 6:30 in the am to make sure I was there by 8 am. I went in and thought that the people were really friendly and thought well hey this place isn't so bad...well how wrong was I?... let me tell you. I went in signed in and everything and was in the back in like 40 minutes so far so good...

they did my exrays and my impressions and all that good stuff. Got done with that and was told to check back in 30 minutes to make sure my liner and stuff was good... 30 minutes went by and that was good. Well I was told to come back at 2pm to start getting ready for my teeth to be pulled.

Mind you I got done with the first part by 10 am and was told not to leave. Well 2 pm came around and I went in nervouse as *** with butterflies in my stomach. Well the dentist came in and they started preping me and started getting me numb. well they stuck 8 q-tips in my mouth which wasn't bad.

Well then he started shooting me up with the needle which was painful as *** especially when he went into the roof of my mouth. Ok so he shoots me up with the needle 72 times the first time and leaves the room... about 15 or 20 minutes later he comes back in and does it again and starts pulling my teeth...it took over 400 shots of numbing stuff (no joke I counted) and 6 hours to pull all my teeth because he kept leaving the room for quite some time then when he came back he would have to shoot me back up with numbing stuff. I was sick and nervouse sweating and panting and my heart was beating so fast and my butt was in the air no joke my butt didn't touch the seat the whole time he was shooting and pulling.

Well when he got done 5 minutes later they slapped my dentures in just as he got done pulling my teeth. I was not happy. I get my prescriptions which was only 16 pain pills of hydrocodone which only lasted for 2 days. I was not able to wear my dentures the first week because the teeth are too big and the dentures were sharp and pointy...

well I just went back in this past Tuesday to get my stitches out and I told them the problem and they smoothed the edges down. I told them that I was not able to close my mouth because the teeth are too big. They tell me to come back in 3 months and then they will close my *** and send me home... so here I am at home with teeth that are too big my dentures are lopped sided because I have 2 wisdom teeth on the left still but none on the right...what the *** if you are going to pull one widom tooth why not pull the rest?!

I cannot chew anything not even spaghetti noodles and that is soft all I can do is swallow. I have lost 18 pounds in a week and a half and yeah some would say thats great on the weight and I agree but I'm losing too much too fast. My stomach and my chest have been killing me like crazy from not being able to eat any kind of except pudding apple sauce and soups...

I am not happy and wished I had just kept my real teeth even though they were infected and falling apart and hurting all the time. DO NOT GO TO AFFORDABLE DENTURES IF YOU CAN HELP IT!

Store Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Bull *** no dentist is going to give 400 shots


Affordable Dentures in Panama City, Fl. over charged me $51.00 for repairs to my partial according to my insurance company and wrote Affordable Dentures asking them to refund the $51.00.

They refused to refund the $51.00. Also, the repaid they made broke in less than six months.

Advise avoiding them for dental work.


i just wanted to say I love my dentures! MY only problem was Iam 2 hours away from the nearest clinic!

never had any problems after 3 years!!! Miss some foods but probably not good for me ...no complaits here


OK, I have had a temporary set of dentures and two perminant lower plates. They still don't fit.

I can't eat yet. I didn't realize how new to the area they were and how unexperienced their lab techs were.I have spoken with one person out of many that were satisfied.



I now have my perminant dentures. Guess what

they hurt in the same places as the other two sets.

What they didn't tell me and I figured it out myself. If you have had some teeth out for years and recently had some pulled your gums are irregular and hard to fit with a perfect fitting denture. The Dr. told me it takes 3 (three) years for your the holes left in your jaw bones to heal.I pray that these spots will not stay sore for three years.

You can get them lined later on. Maybe that will be the last stem in being a new denture wearer.


I really don't know anyone that is happy with the lab work at Affordable Dentures in PC FL. I had problems just like the last person.

I paid a Pkg. amt of $2800 for pulling and dentures. A year later I still am due back in to hassle with them about perminant dentures that do not fit.

Still cannot eat one year later. Good Luck


Well they still haven't done anything for me


You should report this matter to the Board of Dental Examiners in your state.This is substandard care and should be addressed. You should get a copy of your records from that clinic and go over them.These people need to be dealt with.

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