Columbus, Ohio

Dentures were never functional. Eating something as simple as soup caused severe pain. They did make some adjustments. Did NOT work.

The last time I went, the dentist yelled at me, telling me I would need a soft lining every two months @ $40 each. 2 dentures times 6 times $40 = $480 per year. For dentures that don't work.

My last visit was December 2007. These dentures were made August 2007. Having worn dentures for 52 years, I knew this was never going to work. My new dentist informed me that they had given me temporary (immediate) dentures instead of permanent dentures that I had asked for.

I called Affordable Dentures home office and voiced my complaints. " Did you purchase our package? "

Their "package' consisted of a initial set of dentures plus another set of dentures a year later including maintenace for the year. PAID FOR NOW.

There was no way I could live with these initial dentures, let alone thinking of going through it again.

I can see that a new denture wearer would not know they were receiving inferior dentures. Having never worn dentures, they wouldn't know 'They are not supposed to hurt'.

A new dentist has since made me a new set of dentures. To even compare these dentures to Affordable Dentures would be an injustice to my new dentist.

I can eat 'corn on the cob' faster than my wife with natural teeth. I can now eat steak, garden salad, pizza, hot dogs, peanut M&Ms, and probably anything else. My new dentist has given me back an important part of life.

My reccomendation: DON'T go to Affordable Dentures 'under any circumstances'. Go to a 'regular'.

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May I ask where you went for your new dentures, I am having the same problem that you had and now I am afraid of being ripped off again. I am not sure where to go for new perm dentures any suggestions?


I got mine at the Gulfport Ms office, got the deluxe set. A year later, they cracked across the roof and my tongue got pinched. It's worth the wait and money to go to a real professional.

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