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Went to Affordable Dentures, November 2007. The very first upper denture fit so poorly it actually cut the piece of skin holding my upper lip to my gum.

I cannot prove it but I feel it has also cut into the nerves in that area so now my once beautiful smile is now crocked. I complained about the fit and they said "Oh, we have never seen anyone with such a piece of skin like that. We should have cut it when removing the teeth." Well the improper fitting denture cut it, and I left the office bleeding from that piece of skin being cut. I had to return the next day because the denture was so off center I could not even bit down straight at all.

They remade it to be somewhat satisfactory. I also had a lower partial made at the same time. The partial lasted only six months before it broke. It cost another $315.

to replace. Well of course you must know that the replacement broke in the same place as the first. I haven't had it replaced yet. I am saving my money for some real dentures from somewhere else.

I am truly dissatisfied with the entire experience. I spent over $1700. total and have not smiled happily about my dentures yet. I guess you get what you pay for and a screwed up lip too.

Do not recommend this to anyone, if you want to throw your money away, you can throw it my way, I need new teeth...

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

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which office do you work at?


Your right about not being affordable I had to have another upper denture made at another dentist in a year the denture they made never fit from the start the teeth was so large I finally saved money went to another dentist the fist thing he said was you want smaller teeth dont you I went to affordable dentures in 2004 was satified with my partle but when I went in 2009 for full upper denture it was awful I actually think they gave me someone else denture it never fit the day day put in in they said they didnt understand they did a reline said come back monday I did but they still didnt fit right I had to make do for a year till I could come up with the money for more at another place


trust me, just because a frenum notch wasnt wide enough for your frenum muscle attachment doesnt mean that it messed up your smile. thats actually the funniest thing ive read the entire night on this website.

so you are right though.

You cant prove that. Only because thats impossible.


"We should have cut it when removing the teeth." Wrong answer!!!!! Thay should make the denture to fit your mouth, not the other way around!!

I had a similar experience with my uppers cutting into the muscles way in the back of my mouth. I'm sorry you had to go through this.


*** I'm putting the word of mouth on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(

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