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6 weeks ago I went to Affordable Dentures to have a broken tooth extracted. The staff were friendly that day, yes the wait was long but understandable for the type of business it is.

I saw Dr #1. that day, he removed my tooth, it was a complicated procedure due to the tooth being deep rooted. He had to drill and break the tooth in half and cut my gums to remove it. There were 2 assistants in there that day.

The Dr was awesome and patient and explained all to me of what was occurring. After the procedure I was sent home with pain meds and antibiotics. Later that afternoon I woke from a nap and discovered blood everywhere, pillow, face hair. I called the office to ask why I'm bleeding so much.

She told me to just put gauze and *** down like the Dr did when I left. I told her no one put gauze on the extraction when I left and she got an attitude and told me to just do it. So I did, bleeding stopped. A week later I was in severe pain, I went back to the office to see why.

I then saw Dr. G#2. He told me I had a dry socket and he packed it, again gave me more pain meds and antibiotics. He also told me it could take several packing's on a dry socket before it starts to heal.

Again on the 3rd week I felt something sharp in the gum, so I went back to see what was wrong, this is when I met Dr Gaskin, owner of this practice. He told me I had a dry socket due to my smoking, I tried to explain I had cut my smoking down to 3 a day. He then proceeded to clean out my mouth and to repack the hole when I felt him cutting I asked what was happening, he said I had bone fragments that needed to be cut off and filed. When he started the filing I felt my jaw pop and I jumped and told him what happen, he said this was normal.

I believed him. He gave me again pain meds and antibiotic. A week went by and I developed a really sore jaw and inflammation in the area, I went back to see Dr Gaskin to see if this was normal, right away they set it up as a dry socket before the Dr even saw me. I asked why and was told because of it being one before.

I told the assistant several times I didn't feel it was a dry socket he said to tell the Dr this before he starts anything. So I did or tried too. He comes in and immediately starts to get on to me about my smoking saying that's what is causing all the problems, he hadn't even looked at my mouth. He then ordered the shot to numb my mouth before he even looked.

When he did finally take a look he started cleaning it then the next thing i know he has a needle and thread, I asked what was wrong and he said he had to sew the flaps of skin together. sighs. I felt from this visit the assistant thought I was there for pain meds because when I stated to him I didn't want them because I still had some and was sick of them the look on his face was odd and after that he was more friendly. I also told the Dr and assistant I had horrible jaw pain, they both said that was normal.

Well guess what, a week later the tooth was finally healing and I felt better but then I woke one morning not able to open my mouth. When I tried I nearly fainted from the severe pain that rushed though my head. I went to the ER. They told me I had possible TMJ and needed to return to the Dentist that removed the tooth.

So I did. When I went in and signed in the reception says to me, "oh you're the one who comes every Friday". I was shocked at her words. Then when I was called back to see the Dr, I am told by a new assistant who was very rude from the beginning that they don't treat TMJ and that I need to see another dentist.

When I asked the question "So you don't treat complications from procedures you preform?" She tells me there is nothing in my chart that would cause TMJ. Also she tries to tell me it is genetic and caused by teeth grinding. Then another assistant steps in and states to me they have never had to repack a tooth 3 times, its unheard of. I was shocked at this treatment.

I then asked the assistant for copies of my records since I had to see another dentist and was told NO. They don't do that. I sat there dumbfounded and getting madder by the minute. When she left the room I stood and read my chart, they had wrote in my chart that my complications were due to me not following instructions.

I followed everything they told me. Its not my fault they forgot to tell me things to do. I walked out of the office, I didn't wait to see Dr G for I knew by the way the staff acted towards me that he wouldn't help me either. I left so angry and frustrated.

Never in my life have I been treated so rudely. Im not sure why they acted the way they did.

Store Location: Newport News, Virginia

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I know the doctor G number 2 he was very rude to me aswell.. The whole time I was there it seems to be solely about the money...

He even told me that one of my teeth had an abscess and needed to be removed as well... He refused to take out my broken tooth and so I had agreed to have the "abscessed" other tooth removed as well... I'm glad I got a second opinion.. I would have had had an unnecessary procedure done..

Not to mention how they conveniently lost my X rays from two months prior until I insisted that they look a little harder.. When the nurse did find them she blamed the misplacement on the person doing the filing. Just a friendly reminder you're not alone.. Just because we have to go to a reduced cost dentistry does not mean that we should have less than adequate treatment and chair side assistance..

Every patient deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.. After all we're the ones who paid for the porsche he is driving

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